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How to store error message from a command into a variable [duplicate]

I am inserting data into server using SQLInsert. I want to store the error messages i encounter when data is not inserted. Apparently the error output is different ...
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How can I use WhenEvent to stop the integration? [duplicate]

I have a questions about stopping the integration. I calculate the function as the following. It gives the message: "At NN=58.7035438......, the step size is effectively zero; singularity or stiff ...
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How to authomatically extract info from error messages [duplicate]

I am using NDSolve to compute particles' trajectories. Typically, I get an error of the type: NDSolve::ndsz: At t == 0.11880535502829011`, step size is effectively zero; singularity or stiff system ...
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How to copy a number from an error message? [duplicate]

Is there any way to copy a number from an error message and assign it to a variable, without manually doing it? For instance, I am trying to solve some coupled Differential equations as follows: ...
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How to abort on any message generated?

Mathematica is a bit unusual as a programming language because it never stops on messages, regardless of whether the message is an error, a warning or just an informative message. It simply prints the ...
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Prepend Information to Warning Messages

I have a function running within a Do loop that sometimes issues a warning. I'd like to prepend the warning with the loop ctr so that I can go back and debug that instance later. Basically, I would ...
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Need help with exception handling

I have read the docs for Catch, Throw, and friends multiple times, and I confess that I find them utterly incomprehensible... ...
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Retrieving the text of a message

Is there a simple, built-in way to retrieve the text of a message, given it's identifier (such as Power::infy)? The documentation describes how ...
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How to get a list of indices at which errors occur during iteration

I have been looking at some of the questions regarding error handling but i think my problem is unique. I am running a Do-loop. I get errors only for certain values of the loop variable due to the ...
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Detect Messages within an expression without losing the return value?

I know that Check[expr,failexpr] is a mechanism to catch messages. The problem with it is that if a message is generated within ...
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How to get the error information after run a wrong expression

If we run this code: FindCycle[1, 2, 3, 4, 5] It will give a error information like: How to get the error info promption of ...
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How to stop Mathematica from turning off warning messages in a loop?

I'm using NonLinearModelFit on a large set of data and which contains a nested Do-loop. I'd like to see all of the cases where there is an issue with the non-linear ...
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How to record all the output (including error messages) of a mathematica script in a file?

Is it possible to record all the output of a Mathematica script to a file? I am looking for the Mathematica equivalent of ...
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Exception/Error handling using returns codes

There is good explanation available for error handling on this and similar links. Here there is information on handling inappropriate input arguments and handling unprocessed functions using ...
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Plot an undefined function

When I plotted an undefined function, Mathematica also spends considerable time to process it. It returns a blank figure necessarily. What confuses me is where the ...
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