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Memoization Involving More than one Variable [duplicate]

Good morning. I would like to know if there is a way to implement memoization if there is more than one variable involved in the memoization; or more accurately, for my problem, have the memoization ...
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How can I implement dynamic programming for a function with more than one argument?

Dynamic programming is a technique for avoiding the repeated computation of the same values in a recursive program. Each value computed is immediately stored. If the value is needed again, it is not ...
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Can Mathematica find an expression for the distribution of the median of N i.i.d. random variables?

I posted this question on Math, but there has been silence there since. So, I wonder if anyone here can get any closer to the answer to my question using Mathematica. Here is the question: Suppose I ...
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Recursive function, if and which statements

I am given this question: Let a function $ T_n(x) $ be defined by: $$ T_{n+1}(x) = \frac{1}{x} T_{n-1}(x) - \frac{2}{7} T_n(x), $$ where $ T_0(x) = 1, T_1(x) = x $. I need to construct a recursive ...
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Numerically solving a multivariable integro-differential equation

I have an integro-differential equation of the form, $$\small\frac{\partial f(x,t)}{\partial t}=\int_{-5}^5 |x-y|\,f\left(-\frac{x}{3}+\frac{4y}{3},t\right)\,f\left(\frac{2x}{3}+\frac{y}{3},t\right)\,...
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How to compute higher iterations in mathemtica

I have the equation $u^{\prime\prime}(t)+u^{2}(t)-t^{4}-2=0$ such that $0\leq t\leq 1$and also I have $u(0)=0$ as well as $u(1)=1$. Noe the exact solution of the equation is $u(t)=t^{2}$. Now I ...
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Defining a new wavelet (Fibonacci wavelet)

I want to define a new wavelet (Fibonacci wavelet) in the reference. So, I read the tutorial on Wolfram Site, @Jason B. ' s answer, and also @Sektor 's answers. But I still have some problems in my ...
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Deriving an integral reduction formula programmatically

There are a number of integral reduction formulas from basic calculus, including several involving trigonometric or exponential functions. These are of the form where some term in an integrand is ...
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Recursive computation of symbolic series

I don't have experience in Mathematica and I would like to use the ability it has to do symbolic computations to find the terms of a series of functions recursively. The terms I want to find are given ...
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How to compute a multi-round convolution? [duplicate]

I am trying to do a n-round of convolution of a function. The code is posted as below. But it is not working. Is there a solution? ...
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Finite result under "Integrate" while infinite under "NIntegrate" of a complicated integral with "NSum"

I have been trying to compute the following complicated integral along with summation, details codes/function of which is given below: ...
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