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How to make lines more smooth in Graphics3D? [duplicate]

I drew using Graphics3D, but I found the quality of output is very low, like this:. I wanted to improve the quality of the output, make it more smooth. But I can't ...
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How to improve the quality of 3D rendering? [duplicate]

I am trying to combine various 3D objects for a composite image. But some of the objects just don't look very good. In the end, I want to have a publication-quality image. For example, here I ...
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How can this confetti code be improved to include shadows and gravity?

Here's some confetti: ...
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How can I draw the Olympic rings with Mathematica?

How can I draw the 5 interlocking Olympic rings with Mathematica? (SVG version) Edit Hard choice, but some pretty cool answers here. I didn't have 3D answers in mind when I posted the question, but ...
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Smooth Peter de Jong attractor

Today I was playing with Peter de Jong attractor. At the bottom of the page I've linked there are beautiful examples like: My attempts are not so great: It is around 10^5 points. For more than 5*10^...
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Is there a way to make the tick marks larger?

In a Plot (actually, a Graphics) command, I'd like to make the actual tick marks larger than they are, but I can't find an ...
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Transparent textures don't show

EDIT For now, I'm going to accept Brett's answer. It's a way to get transparency back by having 3D calculations done in software instead of hardware. It addresses the symptoms but not the causes. ...
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Using transparency in ContourPlot makes mesh visible [duplicate]

I am trying to use a ColorFunction with Opacity in ContourPlot. Here's my code: ...
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3D plots like in MuPAD

The finest 3D surface plots I've seen so far were created with MuPAD, which has been discontinued for many years unfortunately. Here's an example: How can I achieve similar results with Mathematica? ...
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Anti-aliasing a fractal-like bitmap image

I have a .bmp image 9600x5400 that shows a lot of points at various intensities. There are no lines inside this picture - only a lot of points. I would like to apply anti-aliasing on the image to make ...
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How to draw Graphics3D items with straight border lines?

I want to make a Polygon with straight border lines. For that purpose I wrote the following code, but it doesn't show straight borders. ...
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Exporting a Video of a Simulation of Pendulum Motion

In a series of previous questions, I asked how to solve a series of differential equations describing a series of coupled pendulums, and then how to plot this data by coloring the different pendulums. ...
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Anti-aliasing not working in Mathematica 10.3 and XUbuntu

Bug introduced in 10.0.2 on XUbuntu persisting through 10.3 or later I'm running a fresh install of XUbuntu 14.04.3 LTS with an NVidia GeForce GTX 970. I have installed NVidia driver 352.63 and ...
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What does GLTest do and what are the consequences of it failing

Antialiasing has never worked with 3D graphics in Mathematica on my linux machine. The solutions listed in the related topic don't work in my case. System specs: Mathematica, Xubuntu 15.10, ...
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Rasterization problem in version 11.3.0 that was not in 8.0.1

I am running MacOS 10.11.5 and I have recently upgraded from Mathematica version 8.0.1 to version 11.3.0. I created the animation for this answer on Mathematics using the Mathematica code ...
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