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Remembering function definitions across sessions to avoid recalculation [duplicate]

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Printing data into a file inside the loop one by one [duplicate]

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Using Get with a few symbols to continue work in a later session [duplicate]

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Saving remembered function when closing down notebook [duplicate]

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Creating a library of saved function values [duplicate]

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How can I prevent functions and variables from being automatically cleared when I close Mathematica? [duplicate]

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How to keep data/tables stored in Mathematica notebooks for use when reopening the notebook? [duplicate]

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Saving Mathematica kernel state?

If I save a notebook, I only save what I see. That is, if I close Mathematica and reopen the notebook later, all previous calculations are lost, except for those things I've output. Now I know that ...
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Saving memoization to disk

I like using memoization (i.e. the construct myFunction[x_]:=myFunction[x]=...) when I have a heavy function that I need to re-evaluate on the same arguments. ...
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How to implement a resumable Table?

Motivation (my sob stories) Too many times I've run a notebook for hours and then Mathematica crashes (FE or Kernel, mostly FE) and things are lost. I've made various attempts at custom solutions ...
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How to speed up the calculation of a multi-dimension matrix involving symbolic integral?

The following program succeeds in getting matrix CC, but it takes time badly, especially in the case varNumber becomes larger just as the following ...
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