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Couple a PDE and ODE in NDSolve

I would like to solve an example of non-stationary heat transfer with a coupled PDE and ODE. Let's assume that we have 1 dimensional bar of length $L$ with uniform initial temperature. The right end ...
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Solving coupled PDE and ODE

I want to solve a system of partial differential equation in Mathematica. equation is: $ y_0 = 0.5, t_0 = 30, λ_{12} = 0.3, λ_{13} = λ_{23} = 0.01, λ_{21} = 2.8 $ I am new in Mathematica. Please help ...
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Simulating a combination of PDEs and ODEs

I am trying to simulate a combination of PDEs and ODEs, given below. $$ \begin{matrix} -L\dfrac{\partial}{\partial t}I(t,z)&=&\dfrac{\partial}{\partial z}V(t,z)+RI(t,z)\\ C\dfrac{\...
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NDSolve: Couple PDE and ODE involving integral

I am trying to numerically solve an equation with NDSolve, where there is a ODE coupled to a PDE, like the following: ...
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1-D PDE with nonlinear ODE as boundary condition

Recently, I am trying to solve a 1-D PDE with a nonlinear boundary condition using the function NDSolveValue. However, it seems that MMA (12) cannot solve it directly with some computational issues. ...
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NDSolve two PDE plus one ODE, together

I have a couple of PDE (time and space/length) that are correctly managed by NDSolve, but to which I’m adding an ODE on which the acc “accumulates”, through time, a ...
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NDSolve a system of one PDE coupled with an ODE

I would like to solve a partial differential equation where one of the boundary conditions is the solution of an ordinary differential equation that is coupled to the partial differential equation. ...
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Numerically solve of a system of PDEs

I am studying the vibrations of a beam which is coupled to piezoelectric strips. This system is described by the following system of DEs: ...
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Coupled PDE system in atomic physics

My question is about the implementation of a system of coupled PDEs to Mathematicas NDSolve routine. I'm considering one-dimensional toy model in atomic physics. The model describes two fields $\psi =\...
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PDE: Specify AccuracyGoal, StepSize, and WorkingPrecision interval-wise [closed]

I am using Mathematica 8. I have two ODEs (in time) and a diffusion PDE (in radius and time) which are all coupled to each other. I solve them using NDSolve by ...
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Solving matrix system of ODE coupled to a non linear PDE (Reynolds)

I am trying to solve the following problem for $p$ (the pressure) between a piston skirt and a cylinder lining. This depends on the secondary motion of top and bottom of the piston skirt $e_t$ and $...
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