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What are some useful, undocumented Mathematica functions?

There have already been some questions about some undocumented functionality in Mathematica. Such as (please add to these lists!) How can one find undocumented options or option values in Mathematica?...
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Improve TextRecognize[] on numbers

I have an image contain only numbers, and TextRecognize fail to recognize some numbers: img=; TextRecognize[img] (*826718*) The documentation says that "The ...
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Recognizing integers in an image

This is the picture I want Mathematica to read I want Mathematica to recognize these numbers and put them in a list. I know that there is a function TextRecognize, ...
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Can TextRecognize read digits?

While answering this question, I tried TextRecognize to read single digits. But it doesn't recognize a single digit, even though the digits are clearly readable. ...
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Importing a grid of numbers from an image (sudoku like)

Can anyone see a way to import a grid of numbers from into Mathematica? TextRecognize doesn't seem ...
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Extract table from image

I have the image of a matrix (download it to see it bigger): Is there a way to convert this into a Mathematica numerical matrix, using Mathematica?
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Can I OCR Mathematica code on an image?

There's no doubt that one should always post the Mathematica code text rather than its screenshot when asking questions in this site, but every time I saw someone posting a screenshot, I can't help ...
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Performance: Collapsing repeated contiguous rows & cols from a matrix

In this answer I needed to remove contiguous zero-valued cols and rows from a matrix, leaving only two of them in place, no matter what the original number was. I made up this code: ...
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How to improve the recognition quality when TextRecognize work on single character

Bug introduced in 11.0 and persisting through 11.3 From this answer, I doubt the capability to work on single character. So I give some test to verify this possibility. You can get my test ...
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Importing numerical values from a PDF file

I need the numerical values from pdf files like this one. When I use the usual Import command, the PDF imports, but pages of images. How can Mathematica be used to ...
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Why does cropping an image improve TextRecognize so much?

I am trying to use the TextRecognize function to extract data from certain screenshots. This is already a cropped version. Using TextRecognize on this yields ...
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Recognizing characters with accent marks

I have written code to recognize some words, but I get errors in the recognition of some characters with accent marks. Is there any solution? ...
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How can I detect certain letters by shape in an image? [closed]

I have a website where people can post Flipbook animations, called Flipnotes. Unfortunately, most of the Popular flipnotes are in the following categories: MV (Music Video) AV (Audio Video) AMV (...
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What is the Java converter?

I notice that there is a directory: C:\Program Files\Wolfram Research\Mathematica\10.2\SystemFiles\Converters\Java. What is this? I could not find any documentation ...
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Detect numbers on the image [duplicate]

How to detect numbers on the following image I tried: img=Import[""] set = ImagePartition[img, Scaled[{1/20, 1/5}]] // Flatten ...
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