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Ok, this will probably be a silly question, but I can't get my head around it. I'm making a simple module that, given a list and two integers, will swap the position of the elements in the list.(...
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How can I get rid of the parenthesis in Mathematica? [duplicate]

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Memory not freed after running Clear when using a Table [duplicate]

When I'm creating large lists with Table I see the memory footprint increasing. ...
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"not a list of numbers" and "cannot be used for replacing " [duplicate]

I am trying to plot a function which is based on the solution of some equation; I could get the correct figure but only after lots of warnings are printed out. The following is a minimum version of ...
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Discrepancy between Matlab and Mathematica Fourier parameters [duplicate]

MATLAB and Mathematica have different FFT normalization parameters. This is easy to change in Mathematica with the FourierParameters -> argument, but anything ...
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On reimplementing the Select function [duplicate]

I am working through the course Programming Paradigms via Mathematica. One of the exercises asks that you construct a function that mimics Select,even with three ...
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Append[] is not working for empty list [duplicate]

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Fourier in Mathematica different from octave [duplicate]

First I create a table of sin(x) within 0, 10 ...
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Sorting and keeping the main format of list numbers [duplicate]

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explanation of #1 and #2 [duplicate]

EDIT: This was marked as a possible duplicate. While the referenced other question does talk about slots, my question is more about how to understand how multiple slots (#1 and #2) work. Also, my ...
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Find minimum value of function which calls NDsolve [duplicate]

I have defined a function which takes a coefficient for a differential equation as an argument, solves the differential equation with NDSolve, and returns the value of the solution at time t=10. I can ...
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ImageData reverses the order of the row of an Image [duplicate]

Could someone convince me what is the utility of doing a function like ImageData that reverses the order of rows in an image? Why was it coded like this? Why does ...
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Maximizing a function defined using NIntegrate [duplicate]

I have two functions fn[x,y,z] which is in integral form and I have another function gn[x,y] which is also in integral form ...
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