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I have read this question and this one but I think mine is different because they're searching for a way to learn mathematica comprehensively and basically but I'm searching for just some quick way ...
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Where to begin? [duplicate]

I was looking at the Mathematica website today and just decided to buy the software. I've spent too much time juggling annoying symbolic expressions by hand that actually learning to do things with a ...
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mathematica for learning? [duplicate]

Mathematica looks like an extremely powerful tool. I would love to have it in my toolbox. Unfortunately, I can hardly add two numbers together. I think the application of math through programming is ...
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What's the best reference for learning how to best use both Mathematica and MATLAB? [duplicate]

I'm pretty good at using MATLAB for a lot of different things, and less familiar with Mathematica, but I just got accepted to a graduate school in mathematics where (from what I can tell so far) some ...
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How a novice user better understand the Q/A [duplicate]

A novice user reading Q/A here: I sometime need to just understand the syntax and meaning of commands exampled here. where is the best place to find it?
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Learning the Wolfram Language ‘from the bottom up’ [duplicate]

I'm a armchair programming-language theorist, and I know … quite a few programming languages, some to extensive depths. (Hell, I've built more than my fair share.) Most of the information I've found ...
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Good Introduction / Tutorial to Mathematica **Books** [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Where can I find examples of good Mathematica programming practice? I'm a high school senior and am using Mathematica for a research project. However, I find it a bit slow to ...
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Mathematica Beginners Help [duplicate]

I am new to Mathematica syntax and was wondering if anyone has any links to, say, a .pdf with a lot of the basic beginner commands. I am aware of the help functions in Mathematica, but it would be ...
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Where can I learn to use mathematica comprehensively? [duplicate]

I've heard great things about all the wonders and capabilities of mathematica. I've had the software for sometime now, but all I know how to do are simple calculations and stuff shown in the hands on ...
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Recommendation of book [duplicate]

I have basic knowledge on Mathematica, but not familiar with if, for other loops and conditional functions. I have to work on a project which involves developing a package something like FeynCalc. ...
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Examples of a large Mathematica construction? [duplicate]

I'm pretty new to Mathematica, and in trying to find examples of good Mathematica programming, it always seems that solutions to a problem can be solved with hardly any lines of code. Of course this ...
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Programming Mathematica - Introduction by Paul Wellin [duplicate]

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Good sources of programming exercises for learning Mathematica programming? [duplicate]

I'm learning Mathematica programming. I wonder if there are any good sources of programming exercises particularly suitable for practicing Mathematica programming.
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What is the good source to study advanced custom coding in Mathematica [duplicate]

My question is, probably, too general ... I deal a lot with complicated symbolic evaluations, integrations, plotting. I have troubles with optimizing my codes. They come out way too slow. Google and ...
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Learning Mathematica for Math Majors [duplicate]

I just downloaded Mathematica and I'm taking a course in Multivariable Calculus. I realize there is a lot of complexity to Mathematica and there are Many types of learning resources out there. I was ...
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