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Getting around symbol favoritism of Simplify and FullSimplify [duplicate]

Simplify may or may not simplify depending on the symbols you use for its assumptions are good. For example, here is a case where ...
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Why does this happen with FullSimplify? [duplicate]

It is stated at the Wolfram Documentation Center (FullSimplify/Possible Issues) that: Why and when this could happen? How to avoid it? Any patterns? Edit: As pointed out in the comments, this ...
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Simplify x+y=5 fails with assumption y = 2x, but works with x = 2y. Why? [duplicate]

I am trying to understand how assumptions and simplification works with this simple example: x+y=5, assume x = 2y So I write: ...
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FullSimplify, Assumptions: Replacing Complex expressions by Simpler Ones as per Leaf Count [duplicate]

I have been trying to simplify equations using Mathematica of the following basic form: $$\text{FullSimplify}\left[x^2+y^2,\text{Assumptions}\to x^2+y^2==c^2\right]$$ With the output being, $$x^2+y^2$$...
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Change a single letter changes the result [duplicate]

these two codes give different result. FullSimplify[a-b,Assumptions->a==1+y&&b==1+y-x] this give x ...
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Abs and ^2 within Solve: curious speed characteristics [duplicate]

I was playing around with the Solve function recently and found a behavior I couldn't explain. The equations I'm working with look like ...
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Mathematica can't simplify disguised expression [duplicate]

When I simplify the following quartic polynomial with a linear constraint; Simplify[x y z a + x y z b , a + b + c == 0] // Expand I get what to me seems like the ...
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What is the difference between a few simplification techniques?

I am trying to understand the difference between Refine, Simplify and FullSimplify, and when ...
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A better simplification function

I am creating this question and posting an answer to it as a help for those who have problems with Mathematica simplification oddities that appear in other questions on the site. First of all, there ...
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Is there a way to to substitute for symbols, simplify, and back-substitute?

In papers in physics and mathematics one often encounters longer mathematical expressions which have to be, for intuition and typesetting, expressed using symbols standing for recurring patterns in ...
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Variable naming changes everything

Bug fixed in 10.0.0 I am having a rather unusual problem I do not understand with Mathematica where renaming one of the variables of my function causes the function to stop "working". Here is the ...
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Surprises simplifying simple polynomials

I came across some somewhat surprising behavior of Simplify today, on something very simple. Let's take two cubic polynomials that we know have the same value: <...
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Simplifying complicated fractions

I need to simplify a long expression with a denominator in the form of a+b. To keep it simple, let me replace the long expression with a short example: ...
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Why doesn't FullSimplify get rid of the common factor in this expression?

FullSimplify does not get rid of the z factor in the following expression: ...
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Unable to evaluate reasonable max expression

Consider the following statement: Max[0, Sqrt[1 - Cos[4 \[Theta]]]] You'll find that Mathematica won't evaluate this, because it doesn't know the range of $\...
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