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Getting Boston Marathon Data [duplicate]

I am trying to use Mathematica to analyze the data given by the Boston Marathon concerning running time, etc. The website gives a ...
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Where can I find examples of good Mathematica programming practice?

I consider myself a pretty good Mathematica programmer, but I'm always looking out for ways to either improve my way of doing things in Mathematica, or to see if there's something nifty that I haven't ...
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Downloading files without using Import

A quick question, but which I don't believe has been asked here or at SO. Does Mathematica have a simple way to just download a file from the web? i.e. if I have a list of PDF links (~ 2,000), can I ...
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How to manipulate web pages on Mathematica?

I wanted to input some data on this page through Mathematica. Then I would press the "buscar" button also through Mathematica coding and get the results on Mathematica. The most similar post I've ...
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Can Mathematica run javascript on a website?

One way of running Javascript on a website is to use for instance Greasemonkey. By any chance, would it be possible to execute Javascript commands from Mathematica?
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Import data from dynamically generated webpage

I'm trying to get data from a web-page data=Import["", "Data"] It returns only a textual information. ...
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Web Browsing Automation: how to expand all comments under a blog post?

I wish to expand all the comments under a LiveJournal post for the purposes of saving the complete thread of comments. According to LiveJournal's FAQ when a post gets more than 50 comments they are ...
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Why does Import[#, "ImageLinks"]& fail?

I'm having difficulty with Importing urls embedded in a site (with and without pagination). This command: ...
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How to download tables from a url?

I'm trying to import all the tables on a website, this one in particular: For local files that are already tabular, ...
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Privacy in web-queries [closed]

The question What information is sent to Wolfram Research when loading or working with Mathematica? describes the information sent to Wolfram's servers in routine Mathematica usage (Documentation ...
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Make Mathematica input stuffs on websites

Main Question I'm currently making a web crawler, but I'll need to deal with login windows sometimes. All simple web crawlers created with Mathematica I've seen before cannot deal with input boxes or ...
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Deal with AJAX when importing websites

I'm currently planning to create a small package to enable Mathematica to manipulate WeChat, a extremely famous chatting software in China. The first step is to get the QRCode on the website, but the ...
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Automate Windows From Mathematica

Is there a feasible way to automate Windows from Mathematica? I'm thinking maybe with the .NETLink? If not maybe just mouse movements or keyborad shortcuts ? This might be a good start https://msdn....
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Two-step web data submission

I am trying to automate the process of downloading data from my univ. webpage. I need to submit the form in the URL below. An inspection ...
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