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Retrieving the ImagePadding in absolute units

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Positioning axes labels

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Position of axes labels

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BarChart: Want to rotate and place a y-axis label on the left side

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How can I have an axis label automatically positioned below the X-axis? [duplicate]

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How to set the position of the axis label in program?

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How to label the axes without keeping the frame?

I have this plot And I shall label the axes as if I were in the Frame ambient that is, putting $t$ and $d\psi/dt$ on the axis but not at their top and right (like in the normal ...
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How can I move the x-axis label beneath (instead of at the end of) the x-axis?

I borrowed this code from a Wolfram demo. I looked at several answers to the general question of how to move the x-axis label from the end of the x-axis to beneath it (use ...
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