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Edit Plot/Graphics after it's been drawn. [duplicate]

Sometimes I run into a situation when there are graphics objects (mostly plots) that take a while to draw. Good practice would suggest you do all your evaluation outside ...
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Ex-post monochome plots [duplicate]

I need to "monochromize" a large amount of plots (mostly coming from ListPlot) and export them to PDF. The problem is that I no longer have the data used to ...
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Edit plot after creation [duplicate]

I try to find a way to manipulate a plot I created before. (for full code take the fuction x[t_]:=Sin[2t] ) Let's say I have a plot: ...
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How to add colors and legends to plots with "Show" [duplicate]

I have lets say three plots A, B, C. I know that in order to plot them on top of each other I can use Show function and it will show them all together, Is there a ...
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Amending Graphics Options Without Rerunning the Code [duplicate]

I have a 1D graph plotted using a certain set of colors and plotstyle. Is it possible for me to change the color(s) and the plotstyle without having to rerun the code.
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Change Property without re-evaluating [duplicate]

I am working with ContourPlot3D, and my expression takes a long time to evaluate (nearly 20 minutes). So I am wondering if there is a method to changing format ...
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Modify attributes of plot after beeing created [duplicate]

I have a complex plot of which’s calculation took quite a long time. Is it possible afterwards to modify certain attributes of the plot without the necessity to calculate it again? Example: ...
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Show ready-made plots with different style [duplicate]

I have several existing plots and I want to put them together with distinguishing style. However I don't want to evaluate them again since each takes a very long time. So I write the following but it ...
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How to apply or map a list of functions to a list of data?

Say I have a group of functions: f1[a_] := a * -1; f2[a_] := a * 100; f3[a_] := a / 10.0; and some data in a list: ...
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How to change the default ColorData used in Mathematica's Plot?

This question leads on from the recent question What are the standard colors for plots in Mathematica? There it was determined that the default color palette used by ...
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All curves in plot have the same style. Cannot be fixed with Evaluate[]

Usually, when I plot multiple curves in Mathematica Plot[{x,x^2,x^3},{x,0,1}] they are given different colors. However, if I try to construct a list inside the <...
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Where can I get detailed information on how the Plot command works?

The command Plot[x^2, {x, -3, 3}, PlotStyle -> Arrowheads[{-.025, .025}]] /.Line -> Arrow produces this output. What I don't understand is what ...
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How to color the same contour line with different colors according y value

Here is an example: ContourPlot[Sin[y - x^2] == 0, {x, -1, 1}, {y, -10, 10}] Because all these separate lines come from the same contour line ...
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Plotting the components of a function that returns a list in different colors without redundant evaluations of the function

I have a function f which takes a number as input, and returns a list of numbers (the length of the list is constant). f is hard ...
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Show[List of plot] how to color them differently?

I have a list of plot generated in loop using z = List[]; For[i = 0, i < 10, i++, ( a = Plot[(x + i)^2, {x, -10, 10}]; AppendTo[z, a] )]; Show[z] ...
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