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Where can I find examples of good Mathematica programming practice?

I consider myself a pretty good Mathematica programmer, but I'm always looking out for ways to either improve my way of doing things in Mathematica, or to see if there's something nifty that I haven't ...
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Auto completion starting from anywhere in the name

Edit: After reading the last answer from the related question mentioned below I saw that it was all I needed. What I would like I would like to type Comp and automatically see auto complete ...
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How to incorporate ResourceFunctions to autocomplete

Edit: As mentioned in the comments below, typing just ResourceFunction["Mo"] results in a list of ResourceFunctions that have a name that starts with Mo. This is good enough for me although ...
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Open-source IntelliJ IDEA plugin to support Mathematica development

Although we already had a question asking for development alternatives to Wolfram Workbench, I want to ask a more specific question: One of the most advanced IDE's especially for Java programming ...
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Better Autocomplete for the Front-End

I wonder if it is possible to improve the front-end's autocomplete capability. Compared with some other more sophisticated editors/IDEs, such as eclipse, Mathematica's front-end does not provide a ...
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StringMatchQ and Alternatives throws message in init.m

Bug fixed in 11.2.0 The report of this issue, which itself relates to code of my answer here, exposed a behavior I cannot explain. If I use StringMatchQ in ...
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How to add symbols to autocompletion list

There are some built-in Mathematica symbols that I use quite frequently but are not included in the autocompletion list in the front end. Examples are Analytic and ...
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Enable file completion by default?

File completions work for Import and Get but not with << syntax as you can see: Is there some way to enable this?
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How can autocomplete entries be added for DownValues and Properties?

I'd like to assign DownValues to a symbol like this x["firstvalue"] = 1; x["secondvalue"] = 2; And then have the ...
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Custom drop-down list of tags for Dataset Keys similar to CountryData

CountryData produces a drop-down list of tags when you enter a string. I would like to replicate this functionality for a ...
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How do I make an image "nearly" black and white?

Using the following code, I downloaded an image from the web and adjusted the image to obtain the "negation" of the image: ...
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How can I overload autocompletion to work with full contexts?

I would like for the autocomplete feature to search through contexts, for example if I have a symbol named A`B`C`MyFunction, when I type A` and press "cmd + shift + k" it will complete it. Edit To ...