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Exporting 3d plots to pdf combining rasterised and vector elements

Exporting 3d plots to vector files is a longstanding problem: Exporting graphics to PDF - huge file Exporting 2D projection of 3D graph in SVG form Export Plot3D in Mathematica 10.1 is Rasterized by ...
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Is it possible to export 3D plot in EPS and modify it?

I'm trying to export a 3D figure in EPS to then modify in Illustrator. However, it seems that Mathematica creates an image inside of the EPS file, making it impossible to modify it as well as making ...
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embedded text in Graphics3D does not appear when exported as pdf?

I am using this answer to embed text in Graphics3D (MMA12.2.0.0, win64) but when exported as pdf the text disappears? here is the first part of the code from the ...
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Why is PlotLabel in Plot3D lower quality that in Plot?

The following code illustrates the difference in quality between text in Output, PlotLabel in Plot3D, and PlotLabel in Plot (same label text for comparison). [MMA 11.0.1 on Win 10 64-bit]. The quality ...
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Rasterization problem in version 11.3.0 that was not in 8.0.1

I am running MacOS 10.11.5 and I have recently upgraded from Mathematica version 8.0.1 to version 11.3.0. I created the animation for this answer on Mathematics using the Mathematica code ...
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Resizing graphics in Mathematica [duplicate]

My Mathematica graphics are very big documents (more than 20 M). How can I make them smaller (not more than 1 M)?
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Broken lines in exporting pdf of 3D plot in Mathematica 10

I want a 3D-plot with mesh lines as written in the code below: ...
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Improve export resolution of a 3D arrow

Here's a pretty red arrow: ...
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fail to export to eps or pdf in vector form in 11.0 version [duplicate]

I meet a problem that the figure exported to eps or pdf is never in vector form, i.e., I can not select anything on the figure as if it is a jpg. below is an example: ...
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Export 3d plot: BoxStyle->Thick does not scale with ImageResolution

Consider this simple 3d figure: ...
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PDF export of polygons: How to get rid of polygon boundary lines?

I have the following polygon: generated using this code (extracted from my previous question): ...
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Exporting Graphics

I saved the following graph from Mathematica The graph is very smudgy and it looks very bad when I embedded it in the TeX file. What are more efficient ways to neatly present graphical outputs from ...
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vector graphics of a ListPlot3D

My problem is quite simple and yet I can't seem to find a solution to it. I'm trying to create a figure in vector format but if I export it to EPS I get a very bad gradient in the colors. If I export ...
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Exporting 3D graphics in vectorial form

I often have to export a 3D graphics to a PDF file, to be opened and edited with my favorite vectorial application ('m using Intaglio, on OS X). I frequently get two problems (see the picture below, ...
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Reduce size of exported contourplot [duplicate]

Following the answer given here, I am plotting contour lines in black/white: ...
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