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Possible Duplicate: Exporting graphics to PDF - huge file I have a figure that is created to use in a paper. Here it is: ...
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Reduce size of exported contourplot [duplicate]

Following the answer given here, I am plotting contour lines in black/white: ...
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Mathematica creates a huge eps file [duplicate]

I use the following code (based on the responses in my recent relevant questions) in order to generate randomly distributed unidirectional cylinders in a cylinder of elliptical cross section. ...
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Making Mathematica graphics exported as PDF "usable" performance wise [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Exporting graphics to PDF - huge file Saner alternative to ContourPlot fill How can all those tiny polygons generated by RegionPlot be joined into a single FilledCurve? ...
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fail to export to eps or pdf in vector form in 11.0 version [duplicate]

I meet a problem that the figure exported to eps or pdf is never in vector form, i.e., I can not select anything on the figure as if it is a jpg. below is an example: ...
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Can Listplot output data to an image whilst leaving axes and labels as vectors? [duplicate]

Question: Can Listplot be set to render the data as an image whilst leaving axes and labels as vectors when saved as a PDF? Context: I have around 100,000 points in my listplot which when saved to a ...
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Resizing graphics in Mathematica [duplicate]

My Mathematica graphics are very big documents (more than 20 M). How can I make them smaller (not more than 1 M)?
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$\LaTeX$ and Mathematica

I quite often would like to draw graphics in my $\LaTeX$ documents using Mathematica. I have encountered three problems. I would like to know if there are any workarounds to these problems I would ...
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Saner alternative to ContourPlot fill

I am producing a large number of ContourPlot objects, which when exported generate notoriously large PDF files because it basically generates lots of little ...
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Avoiding white lines inside filled area in RegionPlot exported as PDF or PS

Bug introduced in 8.0 or earlier and fixed in 13.2 or later When doing a RegionPlot and then exporting (or saving from the front end) as PDF or EPS, there are ...
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Dashed mesh behind 3D object

I am trying to create a simple, almost transparent 3D sphere with a mesh that is made of solid lines if they are on the front surface (i.e. if they are directly visible) and of dashed lines if those ...
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Graphics exported from Mathematica 9 are very large because even standard fonts are embedded

Note: Fixed in version 10. See Verbeia's answer. I've upgraded from Mathematica 8 to 9 (which apparently leaves the old version installed and usable which I didn't expect). I see a significant ...
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How can all those tiny polygons generated by RegionPlot be joined into a single FilledCurve?

RegionPlot will usually generate a large number of tiny polygons for filling the region: ...
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Using Inset[..] to overlay a Graphics3D with its raster version

Preamble First let me explain the why. You can skip this and go directly to the question if want to answer it right away. We had more than one discussion about how to produce nice looking 3d plots ...
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Export MatrixPlot graphics to PDF

I am trying to export a plot generated by MatrixPlot to PDF but am having problems with the way the exported PDF is rendered. ...
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