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How to "Copy as Unicode" from a Notebook?

I spent some time manually editing a post replacing Mathematica ASCII \[Alpha] with Unicode α. I did this by laboriously ...
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Best way to add KeyEvents and faster Quit

Many users have asked how to add KeyEvents to speed/improve keyboard input. This is just a random example. The technique is always the same. It requires that you ...
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How to add an entirely new menu

Is it possible to add an entirely new menu, say menu "CustomApp" on the fly? For example a CustomApp package could add its own menu "CustomApp" with submenus, ect, once Needed. Former examples I ...
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How to use the Autoload directory?

According to the documentation, packages in $UserBaseDirectory/Autoload will load automatically on startup. I placed an .m file ...
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How to create and use my own *.tr FrontEndResource and FrontEndResourceString files

Various Mathematica user interfaces are Mathematica notebook files. It seems to be quite common for these notebook files to contain only part of the information in themselves and to load different ...
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Can one effectively edit a Front End Resource that is already loaded?

A number of special definitions are loaded from .tr files on Front End initialization and are accessible via FrontEndResource. ...
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How do I make a keyboard shortcut to change the color of selected text?

I am a beginner. I would like to add a keyboard shortcut to the Format > Text Color > Red menu item. I know I can type alt-r-x-up arrow-up arrow-return (Windows7). But I want to include this command ...
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Automated (lazy) method to make custom (key-input) shortcuts (not menu items) for letter-like symbols? [duplicate]

The Problem: I don't know about you, but every time I am trying to do analytical work in Mma, it is rather difficult/cumbersome for me to type the following, here specifically for ...
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How to convert function to form

I have a function that removes any surrounding [] {} or () from the current selection of the notebook given by NotebookObject[]. ...
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Keeping a notebook in the toolbar File list

I have a notebook called "Useful Stuff" in which I put things I keep forgetting and for storing bits of useful code. I would like to keep this notebook in the list of notebooks that appear when you ...
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NotebookEventAction that triggers AFTER two successive key presses (not one)

My notebooks contain only text-based cells and no code. I use InputAliases quite a bit to save time. Typing the escape key before and after to trigger the InputAliases is not very efficient for me. ...
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