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Having variables appear aqua in user defined function [duplicate]

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Where can I find examples of good Mathematica programming practice?

I consider myself a pretty good Mathematica programmer, but I'm always looking out for ways to either improve my way of doing things in Mathematica, or to see if there's something nifty that I haven't ...
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How to program a F::argx message?

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Customizing syntax highlighting for private cell styles

Is there any way to set up a cell style with a particular syntax highlighting? For example, I'd like to have a CProgram cell to write in blue the C special words. I have done it by setting ...
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When should I, and when should I not, set the HoldAll attribute on a function I define?

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Strategies to avoid LessEqual::nord in NMinimize?

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Complex line integral

Can someone recommend an online article or introductory tutorial that will show me how to do real and complex line integrals using Mathematica?
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SyntaxInformation: take allowed options from multiple symbols – possible?

Suppose I have a function like Options[f] = {foo -> 1}; f[opt : OptionsPattern[{f,g}]] := h@g[Sequence @@ FilterRules[{opt}, Options[g]]] I purposefully do ...
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Why does SyntaxInformation "ColorEqualSigns" color like wrong options?

In my copy of Mathematica 11.1, SyntaxInformation[f] = {"ColorEqualSigns" -> {1, 1}} colors like wrong options: How do I make it not color like wrong options?...
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