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Create a 3D stack of 2D line plots [duplicate]

A simple concept but I've not been able to solve it. I'm trying to create a stack of 2D plots in 3D space using Mathematica 9. This is not a parametric plot, but I'm creating it from an array of ...
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How to draw some 2D curves in a 3D plot? [duplicate]

I want to plot several 2D curves (Sin[x] at y=0, Cos[x] at ...
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How do you stack 2D graphics into a 3D graphic? [duplicate]

Suppose you have a series of 2D graphics that depend on a parameter. For example, ...
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plot some functions versus a third variable [duplicate]

I have three functions as For w=0.1 y=2 Cos[0.1 x]^2 + Sin[0.1 x]^4 For w=0.5 y=2 Cos[0.5 x]^4 + Sin[0.5 x]^2 For w=0.7 y=3 Cos[0.7 x]^2 + Sin[0.7 x]^4 ...
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3D plots with a continuous and discrete input [duplicate]

How can I plot a function with one discrete and one continuous input? Plot3D wants everything continuous while ListPlot3D and ListPointPlot3D want everything discrete. I would like be able to say ...
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How to plot slices of a surface of an iterative function parametrized by the iterator k? [duplicate]

I am trying to plot a surface of $$z=\sin^{(k)}(x),\text{where (k) means nesting the function k times}$$ to visualise the fixed points and their neighbourhood to visually analyse their behaviour. ...
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Waterfall plot of a two dimensional function [duplicate]

I have the following plot, and I need to draw a waterfall plot of this. Does anyone know how I can make a waterfall plot in Mathematica? ...'s user avatar
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Plotting several 2D plots on one 3D graph [duplicate]

I know that there are some similar questions but I don't find the solution to my problem. I have made several 2D spectrum plots from data of txt files (colunm1 vs column2. Each one showing a plot ...
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How do I draw 2D curves in a 3D plot? [duplicate]

I want to draw 2D curves in a 3D plot. For example, I have a function F[x_, y_] := (3 x + y(2 + 5 y))/23 and want to plot it as shown below: I need help with ...
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How to "merge" various graphics 2d into one 3d graphic? [duplicate]

I did some calculations and as result got a 2D graphic, but at the beginning of the work I used a constant parameter. What I want is to make a 3D graphic with this parameter as an axis, varying from 1 ...
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How to draw the following plot in mathematica? [duplicate]

I have a function (x^2-9)^2. I can plot it with x-range{-3,3} so that three extremum s can appear in the plot. I add another axis y ranging{0,10}. I want to plot the previous function (x^2-9)^2 at y=...
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How to use ParametricPlot3D with ParametricFunction objects? [duplicate]

My code produces the iconic figure showing the error threshold of the quasispecies model. ...
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How can I plot a ridgeline or joyplot in Mathematica? [duplicate]

Is there a possible way to create a joyplot or ridgeline plot with some existing functionality in Mathematica (12.0 version)? By joyplot, I mean a vertically stacked set of aligned x-y-plots that show,...
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Adding a third dimesion to a family of xy-plots [duplicate]

I imported a table from Excel in the column format of x, y1, y2, ..., y7 I used ListLinePlot[Table[q[[All, {1, i}]], {i, 2, 7}], PlotRange -> range] to plot ...
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About multi-root search in Mathematica for transcendental equations

I have some questions for multiroot search for transcendental equations. Is there any clever solution to find all the roots for a transcendental equation in a specific range? Perhaps ...
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