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What are the most common pitfalls awaiting new users?

As you may already know, Mathematica is a wonderful piece of software. However, it has a few characteristics that tend to confuse new (and sometimes not-so-new) users. That can be clearly seen from ...
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Hidden Notebooks?

In Mathematica, almost everything is notebook: your "Untitled-1.nb" is a notebook, Help documentation are a series of notebooks, even those windows helping you to draw things or format your notebooks ...
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How to change the default Notebook stylesheet

For everyday work I use a custom notebook template. Its name DefaultModified.nb However, in order to open it I need to first open a built-in default notebook, go to the Menu/Format/StyleSheet and ...
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Order/Dependency of Styles in a Stylesheet

How exactly is a custom stylesheet processed? Which style depends on (inherits from) which other style. Consider e.g. setting a font. I would expect that setting the font for ...
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Problems with images caused by which stylesheet is used

Update This looks now like it was a bug in Mathematica version 8, because everything works as expected - at least for this minimal example - in version 9. (As an aside, I couldn't seem to find ...
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Hidden parent stylesheet?

Please follow those steps: ...
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Change the default font in all plots and legends, even when exporting to PDF

This is a followup to: How can I change the default font used in ALL plots and legends in Mathematica? Carl Woll gave a great answer there: change the "Graphics" ...
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Forcing the front end to update style definitions

tl;dr I need a way to apply style edits in stylesheets, even when I can't use cmd+Shift+E ntl;wr A while back I wrote a suite of stylesheet editing tools to automate operations I did in batch, which ...
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Export Grid object to pdf without border?

When I try to export a Grid object with a White background, I get a gray border around 3 of the 4 sides in the resulting pdf: ...
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Problem when exporting 3d plots to .EPS [closed]

A journal editor expects high-quality 3D plots (vector files such as .eps, .svg or .pdf) for my article. So, I'm trying to export 3D plots in EPS format. I know that there are many similar posts on ...
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