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How to peel the labels from marmalade jars using Mathematica?

How can I detect and peel the label from the jar below (POV, cylinder radius, jar contents are all unknown) to get something like this, which is the original label before it was stuck on the jar?
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How to detect crosses and circles in 60x60 raster images?

I have hand-written 60 pixel times 60 pixel squares. I need to detect whether they are empty, x or circle. TextRecognize function fails. Is there some other function to process this kind of raster ...
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How can I detect a rectangular region of interest in a picture?

Here is a downsampled input image I converted to greyscale. To select the rectangular region of interest we first preform preprocessing: ...
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How to extract metadata from an image of a business card?

I'm trying to digitize some documents, and I came across a very cool app called camscanner app which performs parallax transform and ocr very nicely, now I'm implementing it in mathematica... Given a ...
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Finding the Centroid of the grid

Im trying to automate the processing of my shooting targets to measure my performance in the range. I was able to process the shots, but I still have to select the center of the target by the use of ...
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Detection of horizontal lines in an image

Ok I'm trying to detect horizontal lines in an image. But the problem is that the line is quite obscure. So I'm not sure if it is even possible to extract that. I tried many different filters, but ...
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Converting image data to array

I'd like to convert these images to a list or array in order to graph them. I know some rows are unreadable, but it doesn't really matter. So I tried using ...
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Slice a mathematica image into sub images along black straight lines?

I have a tic tac toe board I want to dynamically process in mathematica to have my robot play a user in tic tac toe. In order to determine the users move, I want to slice the board into 9 images, ...
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Detect sub figures and split (automatically?)

I would like to take a large figure showing a sequence of individual plots and automatically split the into series of images showing the individual sub-plots (to be exported as animated GIF later). ...
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Pulling the boundaries from a Solidworks Profile in Mathematica

I'm currently trying to take a 2d profile generated in SolidWorks and use mathematica to analyze it. I need to pull lines that represent the boundaries of the shape from an image of the shape. . My ...
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Removing Perspective Distortion [duplicate]

Below is my input: I would like to remove perspective distortion from the image. Expected output below:
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Transforming part of an image to a square

I'm trying to detect pieces on a photographed checkerboard. Determining the corners of each square works fine, but for each of those squares I'd like to generate an image from the original image and ...