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Intersecting graphics

Does the Mathematica graphics system have any concept of intersecting graphics? I've not found much in the documents so far. For example, if I want to show the intersection of two shapes: ...
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Find intersection of pairs of straight lines

I have a list of 24 points, in which two consecutive points (1st and 2nd, 3rd and 4th, …) are supposed to form a line: ...
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Hightlight all the self-intersections of a Lissajous figure

This graph–also known as a Lissajous figure–contains so many self-intersections.How can I highlight them? ...
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What is the fastest way to compute intersection of infinite lines with a given boundary?

Given a list of InfiniteLine, i.e., infinitelines and a boundary boundaryc how can we devise ...
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Graphics3D: Finding intersection of 3d objects and lines

I found these two nice links 1) intersecting graphics 2) Implementation of Balaban's Line intersection algorithm in Mathematica which works for 2d. However, I need to find whether a ray(line) ...
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How to solve for the intersection points of two ellipses?

I have a parametric equation of two ellipses as follow $\begin{cases} x=a_1 \text{sin$\theta $}+b_1 \text{cos$\theta $}+c_1 \\ y=d_1 \text{sin$\theta $}+e_1 \text{cos$\theta $}+f_1 \\ \end{cases}...
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Finding self-intersections of a closed curve represented by an interpolation function

I've been trying to find particular simple closed curves on a plane. ...
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How can Mathematica be used to detect an area surrounded by the most lines?

I have an array of lines that produce random shapes. These lines define edge boundaries from an array that I would like to use to reconstruct the main feature of the array. Can Mathematica find the ...
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plot randomly oriented lines

I want to create the following graphic: A set of line-elements are randomly oriented in planes parallel to xy-plane. In addition, on each plane the drawed line-elements should not cross each other. ...
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Define function that goes from one point to another parametrically

I have two points p1 and p2, and I want to get the parametric equation of a linear function that passes through those, but ranging from one point to another. For example, if I have 2 points {0,0} and ...
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Crumpling up a line: how to tell if a Line self intersects?

I'm crumpling up lines by rotating them at random positions. That is I take a line, a random rotation angle, and a random pivot point, then every point beyond that gets rotated about the pivot by the ...
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