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How to plot the derivative of NDSolve's interpolation function? [duplicate]

i just get the answer (graph) from code below. Right now i want to get the differentiate of d[t]; d''[t]. but i don't know how to get it. This is my code ...
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What are some useful, undocumented Mathematica functions?

There have already been some questions about some undocumented functionality in Mathematica. Such as (please add to these lists!) How can one find undocumented options or option values in Mathematica?...
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How to splice together several instances of InterpolatingFunction?

I have a set of InterpolatingFunction returned by NDSolve which are valid over different (but overall continuous) domains. How ...
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Error when using NDSolve for $\epsilon y'' - y' + y^2 = 1$

Error when using NDSolve for $\epsilon y'' - y' + y^2 = 1$ with $0<x<1$ and $y(0) = \frac{1}{3}$, $y(1)=1$ My attempt: ...
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Speed up NDSolve compared to Python (calls to LSODA)

I migrated a numerical model code from Python to Mathematica and am surprised how much faster the Python version runs. Profiling of the Python version tells me that it is about 100 times faster (120 ...
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Solving a steady-state viscous Burger's equation with NDSolve

A steady-state viscous Burger's equation is given by $$ u\,u'=\nu \,u'', \quad x\in (-1,1), $$ $$ u(-1)=1+\delta,\quad u(1)=-1.$$ Here $\nu>0$ is the viscosity, $\delta>0$ is a small ...
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Moving B.C.s in heat diffusion model

I came across the paper Solidification dynamics of an impacted drop regarding a heat equations by Thiévenaz and was interested in knowing how they obtained the graphs presented. From what I ...
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How to plot InterpolatingFunction across its domain

I'm using NDSolve to solve a system of coupled ODEs for a range of different parameters. For most points in the parameter space, the integration breaks down ...
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Plot with different colors the results of an NDSolve with vector solution

Consider the following toy example: ...
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How can I improve the smoothness of my NDSolve solution?

This will, unfortunately, be a broader question than I prefer, but I do have a concrete example. I simulate many oscillatory systems with NDSolve. For short simulation times, the result is generally ...
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Parts of a Piecewise Matrix Function in NDSolve

First time posting. Reproducing the Problem I'm relatively new to Mathematica (using v.12.3), and working on a project. My problem can be reproduced with this. ...
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Incompatible InterpolatingFunction between V9 (and earlier) and V10

Bug introduced in 10.0.0 and fixed in 10.0.1 I am encountering compatibility issues when loading DumpSave(d) definitions in V10 that have been created with earlier ...
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Beautify a NDSolve Graph ! [duplicate]

I am doing the following: ...
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Using NDSolve with conditional expression

I am trying to solve the 2nd order ODE for a harmonic oscillator under the influence of a harmonic restoring force, a sliding friction force, and a static friction force. My equations are below: $$ x'...
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Convert interpolating function to a Bezier curve

I've been wondering, is there a way to convert an interpolation into a sequence of BezierCurve objects that form each step in the interpolation? There is an easy ...
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