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How to join two Style[]d strings

Does anyone know whether it is possible to combine\join two styled strings? That is, while the following code works fine: omega = "text"; omega<>omega ...
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Comparing Mathematica expressions like diff

I am looking for a way to compare (or "diff") two Mathematica expressions, similarly to how to diff utility can compare two text files and report the differences. Has anyone already written such a ...
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How to effectively diff a notebook?

How to effectively diff a notebook with another version of it? This is usually needed/encountered in revision control, but can be generally useful. What i currently do is disable notebook history, ...
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Highlighting pattern strings in a large text

I would like to apply Style to strings that are matched, for example, with one or more specified patterns or regular expressions, a string or a list of both, ...
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Highlighting or coloring certain words / substrings appearing in a larger string

I have one longer string, longString, and a set $S$ of shorter strings {ss1,ss2,ss3,...}. I'd like to print out ...
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How to pad Background size in Style calls

When highlighting text using Style and Background, as in ...
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Combine a pure function, a replacement rule and Map

I've imported an Excel with 2 columns (Address and Final Address) which are both urls. ...
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Colorize letters in the given string [duplicate]

How can I colorize letters in the given string? For instance: string = "jaonvtaqhsy" How to colorize 3 letters in the middle of ...
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Check if two cells are identifcal

Is it possible to check whether two cells in a Mathematica notebook have exactly the same code? I'm comparing two bits of code that might be the same, but rather than eye-checking, I wonder if there ...
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Visually identifying differences between two Mathematica functions

Context Let us assume we have two functions defined in Mathematica. I am interested in spotting the differences in the code for the two functions. Example ...
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