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How to distribute Mathematica packages as paclets?

Mathematica does have a nice package manager. Packages are called paclets, and they can be managed using the functions from the PacletManager` context. How can I ...
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Argument completions for user-defined functions

Mathematica 10 has introduced file name completion for the arguments of certain built-in functions, such as Import, SetDirectory,...
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Prompt a set of possible options

Recent versions of Mathematica dynamically prompt a list of possible options. For example, when typing Plot[x, {x,0,1}, PlotStyle-> After typing the arrow, ...
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How can I install packages distributed as .paclet files?

I downloaded a Mathematica package. It came as a file with the .paclet extension. How can I install or uninstall it?
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How does Needs["foo`"] find the file that defines context "foo`"?

The post's title says it all, but if more detail is needed: Suppose I have the following in some file /path/to/foo.m: ...
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How to Develop Paclets in Workbench Considering the Recent Changes in PacletInfo.wl Format and Supporting Functions?

WRI Technical Support [CASE:4868964] Preamble So far I am using Wolfram Workbench (i.e., a plugin to the Eclipse IDE) to develop packages collecting often used Wolfram Language functionality. For ...
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Show StyleSheets and Palettes from custom directory in Mathematica's Menu

I'm working on a package that needs to be installed into an arbitrary, "non standard" path (i.e., not $BaseDirectory or ...
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What are Package` context symbols for?

The Package` context contains the following: What is the use of these undocumented functions? I am looking for a concise description of the syntax and purpose of ...
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Installing a Paclet from GitHub (or other non-paclet server site)

How can I install a package from GitHub as a paclet? Can such a process be formulated in general?
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What is the purpose of the Kernel and Application extensions in PacletInfo.m?

Wolfram Workbench has a graphical editor for PacletInfo.m files. It is possible to add a "Kernel" extension with Symbols, ...
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How to add frontend resources for using in package/paclets?

I have some thumbnails that I want to use inside my package, which need to be loaded with FEPrivate`FrontEndResource. AFAIK those assets have to be placed in .tr ...
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PacletBuild ignores "Path" extension and doesn't include local data files

I'm trying to build my first paclet which includes a .txt data file. As per documentation, I added {"Path"} to ...
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What are installed older versions of Paclets good for?

This question was triggered by Szabolcs excellent questions and answer here and here. One of the open questions is why the paclet manager obviously keeps older versions of paclets installed even ...
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Disable "Load at Startup" checkbox in Add-Ons list

When a package comes with documentation, it will show up in the Installed Add-Ons list in the Documentation Center. This list can be accessed at ...
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How to create multilingual documentation inside Wolfram Workbench?

I am relatively new to Mathematica package development. Currently I am trying to migrate a single .m file to a fully grown paclet for future maintainability and currently I am hitting a brick wall: ...
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