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What does copying Output cell using Copy As > Plain Text actually does? [duplicate]

So, an input cell after evaluation gives an In[X] := str1 = ... Out[X]:= .... If I right click on the right edge of the Out[X]'s cell, and select Copy As > Plain ...
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How can I programmatically extract the text content from a Notebook's cell definition? [duplicate]

Given the Notebook cell definition below from the Wolfram Function Repository as an example: ...
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How to get plain text in InputForm format from show expression code? [duplicate]

I entered the following code into the Input cell. And the code expressed as RowBox was obtained using the Show Expression menu. I want to get a Plain Text in the form of InputForm again from this ...
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What is the complete list of valid FrontEnd Packet types?

In response to my question How can I get the unchanged Box form of an arbitrary expression? John Fultz answered with a method using the hilariously named ...
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Converting a notebook to plain text programmatically

It is possible to export a notebook to plain text format (practically just extracting all the text from it and discarding formatting) using the File -> Save As......
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Customizing syntax highlighting for private cell styles

Is there any way to set up a cell style with a particular syntax highlighting? For example, I'd like to have a CProgram cell to write in blue the C special words. I have done it by setting ...
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How to output an expression to an external file in "plain text" format without breaking lines?

Given a pretty long expression, such as ...
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Is FullGraphics an abandoned function? Is there an alternative?

FullGraphics hasn't worked entirely for a long time and the situation appears to be getting worse instead of better. In Mathematica 10.0, 10.1, 11.3, 12.3 up to 13....
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Programmatically generate packages from notebook files?

Currently, there are two ways I know of to generate a package (.m) file from a notebook file; one is to set the AutoGeneratedPackage option in the Option Inspector, ...
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Image of input and output cells is not exported correctly

Wolfram Blog uses PNG images to display input and output cells in a notebook. For example, the following is an image from Samuel Chen's post: I should be able to produce a similar image by selecting ...
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Is it possible to retrieve a previous un-evaluated, un-normalized input?

For example, if I do this: In[42]:= {{2}, {3}} // MatrixForm where In[42]:= is the notebook prompt, I am looking for some way ...
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How to convert arbitrary raw boxes directly into String?

This question is motivated by the recent question about searching inside of the NB files. According to the Documentation, ToString expects a high-level WL ...
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CMD method to convert .nb file into .m file

.nb file consists of the boxes, and the .m file is a pure text file, what can help to share on GitHub. Of course, we can open a <...
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Export a Package (.m) from a Notebook (.nb) [duplicate]

I recently started creating Mathematica packages. I find it easiest to develop functions in a Notebook (.nb file). This allows me to add sections, comments and examples. I don't want to duplicate ...
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Evaluating selected expression using keyboard shortcut

Imagine that in this toy code I want to evaluate just the selected (blue) expression: To get as output result: {09/14,09/15,09/16,09/17,09/18,09/19,09/20} There is some shortcut to do this? I'm ...
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