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x and y axis nonlinear error fit possible? [duplicate]

I have a set of datapoints with x (position) errors as well as y (measurement) errors. Is there a way in Mathematica to fit a nonlinear function through this points, with weighting both, the x and y ...
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Fitting Data when both Variables Have Uncertainties [duplicate]

Does there exist a method in Mathematica for fitting some function f(x; a, b)=y (with parameters a, b) to data of the form {x, y} when both x and y have different uncertainties? It seems like it would ...
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Plotting error bars in both dimensions for straight line model [duplicate]

I want to fit a straight line model of the form $y_i = a+ b\ x_i$ to the list of $(x, y)$ pairs given below. How can I plot the data with error bars in both coordinates? ...
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How can I account for assumed X and Y errors when using findfit? [duplicate]

I'm using very noisy biological data, and I need to assume, when doing linear regression, that there are errors in both X and Y. ...
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Using perpendicular offsets in FindFit

I want to use perpendicular offsets in the built-in FindFit function. Are there any possible ways or do I have to code everything by myself?
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Does anyone have Mathematica code for Deming regression?

Deming regression finds a regression line that relates x and y variables for how they covary, i.e., it finds the relationship between x and y, whereas, for example, ordinary least squares would find ...
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Find min-max for slope in linear fit

I have a following data which follows a linear model with intercept zero, i.e. $$y = mx $$ ...
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Linear regression with x and y errors

I have a question about finding a linear regression weighted with x and y errors. I found the answer provided by 0x4A4D in Estimate error on slope of linear regression given data with associated ...
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Efficiency problem with least square algorithm (Error in both variables)

I was informing myself about the least square algorithms with errors in x and y. I found this post and the top answer wasn't ...
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Fit linear data with weights for y and x in LinearModelFit

I am quite new using Mathematica, I hope someone could give me some help. I have a set of {x, y} data and I have a list of {deltaX, deltaY} standard deviation. I would like to fit my data taking into ...
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How to fit a plot with error bar as weight?

I try to fit a line which can fit through the points considering the error weight of each coordinate. Is it possible to do in Mathematica? I can only find Fit function which did not do what I really ...
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Weighted orthogonal least squares without constant term

This post Estimate error on slope of linear regression given data with associated uncertainty gives the function for the linear regression in the case where both x- and y- data are affected by errors. ...
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