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I did some time consuming computation and obtained a lot of arrays and variables; however after restart the Mathematica Kernel, all these computational results disappeared. How can I save all these ...
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Automatically restoring the state of a prior session [duplicate]

I have the following problem (I guess a very naive one): I work with some data and make a statistical analysis in Mathematica. I do it over several days and each time I open the file, I have to go ...
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Beginner: Saving & Reloading but Preserving Input/Output [duplicate]

This is my first post on this StackExchange. I made a Mathematica Notebook with a simulated data set the other day, just to learn the basics of making different graphs and creating a linear ...
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Restoring a Mathematica session without notebook interface [duplicate]

It happens all the time that I close my Mathematica session and later I regret that I have done so, because there are many things that I would like to check. I would like to know if there is a way to ...
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Saving data inside a notebook so that I don't have to run it again?

Piggybacking on this, I am somehow not fully convinced that I can't save data generated by a calculation in a mathematica file so that when I re-launch said file, I wouldn't have to run my ...
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How can I make assignments persist across sessions?

Yesterday, I imported a large set of data into a Mathematica notebook and stored each imported list of numbers in a function. For example, I would map a list like ...
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Attaching a file to a notebook

Is there a way to attach a file into a notebook and open it later with, for instance, a double click (or another action button)? In Mathematica windows version, the insert menu has the "object..." ...
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Exporting arrays for storage [duplicate]

I have a set of arrays I would like to output to some file ArrayStorage.txt s.t. these arrays could be read-in to a separate notebook on a separate kernel. Is ...
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How to preserve In/Out tags like what they did in documentation files

Every evaluation generates a pair of In[n]/Out[n] signs tagged before actual input and output. Like the following: If I save the file, close it and re-open it, that In[n]/Out[n] signs will disappear (...
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Referencing cells after reopening a saved notebook

I'm looking for a way to reference certain cells when opening a saved notebook. That is, assume I ran some commands in a notebook, got some output, saved the notebook, then reopened it in a new kernel ...
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Backing up and restoring all Mathematica notebook variables using 'Put' '>>' and 'Get' `<<`

As discussed here and here, the state of a notebook can be backed up by saving all variables using: DumpSave["", "Global`"]; These variables can be ...
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How to convert a list of names and values into a series of expressions [duplicate]

I had an Excel spreadsheet with a list of symbols names in the first column and a list of values in the second column. I imported it. Working with the resulting expression, I now have (in Mathematica) ...
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