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How could Wolfram Research increase Wolfram Language adoption?

Introduction Hello, this is a more general question than is typically asked here. However, I chose to post it here because this seems to be the most active community for Wolfram Language / Mathematica ...
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Transform sphere to an ellipse in $\mathbb{R}^2$

In Lay's Linear Algebra and Its Applications textbook, he defines the matrix $$A=\begin{bmatrix} 4 & 11 & 14\\8 & 7 & -2 \end{bmatrix}$$ and claims that the transformation $T(x)=A x$ ...
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Vectors with a certain magnitude in Mathematica

For a user-specified magnitude, is there a way to have Mathematica produce any 3D vector with that magnitude?
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How to generate approximately equally spaced points efficiently

I don't very content with current method.So a better solution is expected still.I hope it meet two conditions in following. That space is approximately equivalence. We can control how many points to ...
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Triangular mesh of random points on a sphere

My employer has a new logo (shown below). I do not have information on how this was created (as it was done by an outside company), though I'm fairly sure it was not done in any formal mathematical ...
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How to create this spikey in Mathematica?

I came across this post while messying around the StackExchange mobile. I think this thing can be easily done by Mathematica as well but I'm not an expert in geometric field. Can anyone give some ...
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Fast spherical polygon

Cross posted on Wolfram Community Question Given a list of points on a sphere and the sphere's radius, I'd like to plot a spherical polygon with those points as vertices. And this needs to be fast, ...
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Complex result for real vectors in VectorAngle

Bug introduced in 10.0 or earlier and fixed in 12.0.0 or earlier I was expecting a real angle using VectorAngle when passing real valued vectors, but I obtained a ...
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How to speed up `RotationMatrix`?

I frequently run into the situation that I have to apply RotationMatrix to a huge bunch of 3D vectors and angles for numerical computations. On one hand, the syntax ...
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Draw an arbitrary convex polyhedron without excess diagonals drawn

I want to draw a set of convex polyhedrons whose vertices are defined by spherical coordinates on the surface of a unit sphere. Currently I followed the advice from here: https://mathematica....
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Negative Correlation Distance

Bug introduced in 8.0 or earlier and fixed in 11.2.0 CorrelationDistance[{-53.0, 4.3}, {-23.0, 5.4}] is a negative number. It is close to zero, to be sure, but ...
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How can you calculate a volume from a closed countour from ListContourPlot3D

I have a set of data from which I'm able to generate closed contours (surfaces) in with ListContourPlot3D. I would like to determine the (approximate) volume of these surfaces as well as their surface ...
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How to evenly distribute points inside a sphere?

SpherePoints[] gives me a fairly even distribution of points on the surface of a sphere. However, following this, I can have a much better distribution (although ...
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Analogue of SpherePoints in higher dimensions?

I'm looking for an analogue of SpherePoints that works in dimensions higher than 3, has this been created already? A random sample from unit ball will be ...
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Algorithms used in GraphPlot and GraphPlot3D

Coppied from Mathematica's help: Algorithms to be used in GraphPlot and GraphPlot3D can be specified using the Method option, either as Method->"name" or Method->{"name",...
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