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How to make a Spherical Cow?

Being a theoretical physicist, I always have a great respect for Spherical Cow. So I thought about making one myself. I am not sure how can I create (something considered to be the simplest!) this ...
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How to estimate geodesics on discrete surfaces?

Continuing with my interest on curvature of discrete surfaces here and here, I would like to also calculate and plot geodesics on discretised (triangulated) surfaces. Basically, my long-term idea ...
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Computing Gaussian curvature

Can Gaussian curvature $K$ be computed from WolframAlpha or any other available Mathematica program? Please indicate the program or its reference. If input ...
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Optimize inner loops

I'm Mathematica newbie so please be gentle :) I have this, heavily non-optimized part of code, which I would like to speed up. I have put all matrices to be RandomReal, but in my code they take ...
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Complex result for real vectors in VectorAngle

Bug introduced in 10.0 or earlier and fixed in 12.0.0 or earlier I was expecting a real angle using VectorAngle when passing real valued vectors, but I obtained a ...
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Polygon mesh: Compute vertex normals for smooth shading

MeshRegion has a "SmoothShading" PlotTheme which automatically computes the ...
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Estimating Principal Curvature Directions on Discrete Surfaces

I am continuing with working on implementing curvature estimations on triangulated surfaces (See: here), using the algorithm of : Meyer, M., Desbrun, M., Schröder, P., & Barr, A. H. (2003). ...
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Colouring points in a Delaunay Mesh by the number of nearest neighbours

I apologise if this is a repeated question, but I've searched for a while and can't find anything. I'm doing some molecular dynamics simulations using Mathematica 10, and I've placed a ...
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Visualization of Gaussian Curvature

I need to visualize Gaussian Curvature of a parametric surface. There is a solution in this math.SE post. However, I'm not sure its working because when I draw a sphere it's all white, but it should ...
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Curvature of a Klein bottle

1. Problem statement An old answer of mine: Computing Gaussian curvature shows how to color parametric curves and surfaces according to their curvature. However, the methods used there will fail for ...
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Mean curvature calculation of a mesh (Surface Evolver)

I'm trying to calculate the mean curvature over the surface of a discrete mesh that I generated from the computational software SE (Surface Evolver) and I want to make sure I can calculate the same ...
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Angles inside of Voronoi mesh cells

How can I determine the angles belonging to the vertices of each interior Voronoi mesh cell? ...
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How to label vertices on a mesh with user defined values?

I am trying to write a code to estimate geometric properties (i.e. Mean Curvature, Gaussian Curvature, Principle Curvatures) on a triangulated mesh. I would like to save the calculated data as a set ...
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Calculating Gaussian Curvature for an irregular surface

Below is an irregular surface generated from large data and plotted with ListSurfacePlot3D from this data file using columns {3,4,2}. I would like to calculate the ...
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Dump Curvature Information for 3d Models

Is anyone aware of any utility to generate and dump Principal, Gaussian and Mean Curvatures for a 3D Model or a set of points? I have reserched following tools - meshlab cloudcompare They are able to ...
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