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Part I - Without package I have created a function to compute a bridge score. ...
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Differentiation inside package [duplicate]

I am trying to put all my functions in a single package and some of them do not work because of differentiation. Suppose I have the following package ...
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I am developing an application in one part I am checking the if the functions are constant or not. I am using a couple of lines of code (it is possible that there is another way of doing it) but the ...
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Context issues when using NDSolve and rule substitutions in a package [duplicate]

I have a .wl package and a demo .nb notebook. The package file is testPackage.wl and it ...
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How to resolve a context shadow problem (revised) [duplicate]

I have developed a notebook of 30+ functions for Geometric Algebra, all of which involved using the symbol e with subscripts like Subscript[e,1]. I write them here as e1, e2, e3 ... for readability. ...
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function from .wl produces no output [duplicate]

I'm trying to learn to reuse functions. I have created a .wl file with the following content. As I understand the last line without semicolon is the function output. Should each function have it's ...
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Why is my MMA package unable to evaluate some user-defined functions? [duplicate]

I am trying to create a package for other Mathematica programmers to use, but in doing so, I came across an interesting MMA problem which I cannot seem to figure out. The following code in .nb file ...
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Is it possible to create complicated packages from modules which work fine by copy paste? -- A counterexample [duplicate]

Here is a module which constructs essentially several functions in a chain [Phi], sct, ks, WE, G: ...
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Function working in command line session but not in package [duplicate]

I have this pretty straight-forward function GetMinimum[function_, xmin_] := First[FindMinimum[{function, x>xmin}, x]] that works perfectly within a ...
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How symbol lookup actually works

Bug introduced in V6 and fixed in V11.3 The behavior indeed changed but now the documentation is clear about it. This code is inconsistent with the description from Power Programming with ...
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Import expression for function definition inside a Module of a Package

I've been struggling on this problem for quite a while, but I still don't understand why Mathematica is unable to recognize a function definition where the rhs is an ...
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Function defined in a package behaves differently from when defined in a notebook

On a Windows system I'm using the Rubi rule-based integration package by Albert Rich which defines function "Int" in addition to Mathematica's Integrate. In my ..\ProgramData\kernel\init.m I have: <...
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Behavior of Remove inside a Package

I have a notebook containing (in a Code cell, Initialization Group) ...
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Why is pattern matching different inside package

This works fine when put in a notebook: TestFunction2[x_] := Column[{Head /@ x, Cases[x, _f], MatchQ[_f] /@ x}]; TestFunction2[{f[1, 2]}] and produces: ...
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Returning a list of replacement rules from a package function

I am having a go at writing my first package and would like to do something similar to the following. Its a basically a very thin wrapper around NonlinearModelFit. ...
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