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Colour plot based on x-axis value

I am trying to adapt [this solution for colouring the different sections of a Piecewise function] I want to colour based on the x-axis value. I have two functions I want to do this for, one is ...
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How to merge two or more curves smoothly?

I have plotted three curves. For each range of $x$, one of those curves is true. On the other hand, finally, the result must be a unified curve. Is there any command to unify these three curves? ...
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Different colours for different sectors of piecewise function

I have some lines of code that generate numerical solutions to equations. Then I want to combine two of these in a piecewise function. The way I did it is the following -lf1[r] and lf4[r] are the ...
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set colours for different parts of a piecewise function's graph [duplicate]

I would like to create a graph of the piecewise function $f(x) = \begin{cases} x + 2, & x < -1 \\ x^2, & -1 \leq x \leq 2 \\ 3, & x > 2\end{cases}$ where the changes in the ...
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Increasing the thickness of minimum of two curves while keeping their coloring the same

Let's say I am plotting Plot[{Sin[x], Cos[x]}, {x, 0, 2 π}, PlotStyle -> {Thickness[0.01], Thickness[0.01]}] I want to keep the same colors for the two ...
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How to plot data with different colors (or symbols) depending on a condition [duplicate]

Let's consider a simple example. I want to plot a function on [0;2], depending on a condition: if x<1, I want to plot ...
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PlotStyle according to PlotRange

I have the function Hypocycloid[{R_, r_}, θ_] := {(R - r) Cos[θ] + r Cos[θ (R - r)/r], (R - r) Sin[θ] - r Sin[θ (R - r)/r]} For, e.g., R=5 and r=...
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Plotting piecewise functions with distinct colors - issue found [duplicate]

I've been making use of the following thread: Plotting piecewise function with distinct colors in each section A handy feature I found there goes as follows: ...
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Plotting piecewise functions

I have a list of N functions called functionList. N can be any number. Also, I have a list ...
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Plotting two functions in one graph, with different value ranges [closed]

Plot[2x, {x,0,4}]; Plot[x^2, {x,4,8}]; How do I merge these two graphs into one?
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Plot the minimum of a list of functions

This is my first question on any stack-exchange site and I'm also very new to using Mathematica software so please excuse/correct me if I mess up. I would like to take a list of functions of a single ...
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Multiple curves plotted with different colours [duplicate]

I am trying to use ColorFunction for 2 functions on the same plot. I only want the cubic equation to change colour. ...
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Plotting multiple parametric functions with different intervals

I want to make a parametric plot like this: ParametricPlot[{{2 t, -10 t^2}, {t, 2 t}}, {t, 0, 2}] I have tried the following but it doesn't work: ...
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Using mesh for a single function inside Plot

Plot[{Sin[x], Cos[x]}, {x, 0, 10}, Mesh -> {{0, π}}, MeshShading -> {Black, Red}] In the above, how can I specify that I want the mesh for just, say the <...
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All curves in plot have the same style. Cannot be fixed with Evaluate[]

Usually, when I plot multiple curves in Mathematica Plot[{x,x^2,x^3},{x,0,1}] they are given different colors. However, if I try to construct a list inside the <...
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