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How to draw a Circle in 3D on a sphere [duplicate]

The Circle function is strictly a 2D Graphics object, so that we cannot directly combine a ...
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Are there any instruction(Mathematica-native) to draw an Arc in 3D? [duplicate]

I want to draw an arc in 3D. I viewed circles,ellipses and arcs in 2D with Circle[...] but when I want to draw and arc in 3D I can´t find any instruction for taht purpose. The question is: Are there ...
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Geodesics on a sphere [duplicate]

I need to draw many geodesics on a sphere. Is it better to follow @jose in his instructive response to the post, Plot a partition of the sphere given vertices of polygons, using ...
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Plot a circle on Spherical surface [duplicate]

How do I can plot a circle on a sphere using Mathematica code? I would like to draw small and great circles for arbitrary orientation on spherical surface.
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$3D$ graphic of soccer ball

How to make a soccer ball $3D$ graphic? The following image is from Wikipedia, Spherical polyhedron: Truncated icosahedron (left) and standard soccer ball (right) ...
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Understanding Pie Chart Annulus generation and alternate style using Disk[]

Background I have been working with a set of data for some time now and I recently decided to change the format. The data is a tree-styled listing of hierarchical names and positions. (* Names ...
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How to draw an ellipse arc in 3D?

There is no Circle or Disk object in 3D. I quickly found a way to use Cylinder (thin lines, no faces, very flat): ...
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Insphere for Irregular Tetrahedron

I am looking for existing Mathematica code to compute the unique sphere inscribed inside an irregular tetrahedron. I can write it myself, but I would love to find that someone already performed this ...
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How to draw a great circle on a sphere?

I apologize for the text description, but new users are not allowed to post images. I want to draw a circle that cuts through the center of a sphere and has an inclination of 15 degrees with the ...
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How do I add arrowheads to circular arcs?

I have figures containing several arcs showing the extend of angular measures, and would like to indicate the directions in which angles are measured with arrowheads. How do I add an arrowhead at the "...
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How can I generate and randomly assign color to annular sectors?

How can I generate such an image and fill every annular sector with a random colour?
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Triangular mesh of random points on a sphere

My employer has a new logo (shown below). I do not have information on how this was created (as it was done by an outside company), though I'm fairly sure it was not done in any formal mathematical ...
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Autorotating 3D plots

These days, I have to produce quite a few 3D surface plots (mostly functions of the type $\rho(\theta,\phi)$ plotted with SphericalPlot3D). To exchange these ...
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Random walk on a sphere

I'm trying to program a random walk on a sphere with Mathematica. I found this code while I was searching, but I'm not getting results from it. I waited an entire day, but my PC didn't finish ...
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Is there an easy way of drawing a part of a circle used in a complex contour?

I see the Descarta2D package can easily draw some figures. Unfortunately, the package is not to be found and runs on MMA 2021. I do want to do some complex contour calculations and need some diagrams. ...
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