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Incompatible Changes since Mathematica Version 7?

There is documentation of the incompatible changes made to Mathematica with each major release: Incompatible Changes since Mathematica Version 1 Unfortunately that documentation simply stopped ...
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How to Combine Pattern Constraints and Default Values for Function Arguments?

EDIT: As several respondents have noted in the answers and comments below, the original example had a default value that would never be used because of the way patterns and default values are ...
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Functions with both optional arguments and options [duplicate]

I have the following codes: ...
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Possible Duplicate: How to Combine Pattern Constraints and Default Values for Function Arguments First a simple example: define a function "add" with two arguments, and its second argument should ...
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Optional pattern behaves differently in version 8, 9, and 10+

We recently ran into an issue when testing Rubi on older versions. It boils down to this simple example which I didn't dare to simplify further as I cannot test it in versions < 10 ...
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What changes were made to core functions during the 10.x series?

I am looking for a list of changes to how core functions work (documented or undocumented), which happened during the 10.x series, along with the version in which the change happened. Uses for this ...
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Basic misunderstanding of Begin [duplicate]

In a notebook with a new kernel, execute the following in an Input cell: ...
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How to write a `HeldOptional` variant of `Optional` that does not evaluate its second argument?

How to specify optional arguments that take functional values made me wonder: Can we come up with a variant of Optional that allows to do the following: ...
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How to split the expressions into four parts include the coefficients of Sin[x], Cos[x], and Exp[x], respectively?

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Setting nested optional argument with a default when unpacking from a given Head

I have a head that holds a single argument, and I want to unpack the value inside it while also assigning a symbol to the value itself, for example: ...
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`Optional` with non-empty list requires PatternTest/Condition?

Arbitrary lists are easy to use with Optional: a[0]~MatchQ~a[0, Optional[x_List, {}]] a[0]~MatchQ~a[0, Optional[x:{___}, {}]] ...
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How to define function that variable is optional? [closed]

I want to define some function that I can do something for the troubleshooting purpose. ...
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