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Exporting notebooks inserts unwanted $CellContext. Workaround? [duplicate]

Let's import a notebook: nb = ImportString["Notebook[{},TrackCellChangeTimes->False]", "NB"] (* Notebook[{}, TrackCellChangeTimes -> False] *) All is well ...
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NotebookWrite a Cell with WholeCellGroupOpener option [duplicate]

Why NotebookWrite[ EvaluationNotebook[], Cell["ZZ", "Section", WholeCellGroupOpener -> True] ] produces: ...
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Loading Cell Option Definitions on Kernel Launch for Stylesheets [duplicate]

I have my own stylesheet that I like using so much I change all my documents to it almost immediately, but as I demo Mathematica to people I cannot use ...
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Close or Open, not OpenClose CellGroups for specific CellStyle

I am aware of the question Close programmatically all cell groups in Mathematica but I am trying to find out how to close only one kind of Cells in a notebook, e....
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Setting WholeCellGroupOpener [duplicate]

When I write WholeCellGroupOpener, Mathematica autocompletes it, but it doesn't recognize it (it stays blue instead of turning black). Example: ...
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How to sort cells?

Is there a way to programmatically reorder the section cells in a notebook alphabetically? For example:
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How can I use CurrentValue in packages as it generates symbols in current context?

I just found that CurrentValue[$FrontEnd,"ScreenInformation"] will generate (some of) the symbols it uses as keys in the current context of the first evaluation (it ...
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How to improve on this Stylesheet Manipulation for Message Styling

The answer by @Kuba changing color of error messages did not seem to work for me (MMA 11.0.1 Win 10 64-bit). I couldn't work out why and implemented something else that does work for me, but it seems ...
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String option names for Cells

They seem to be correctly interpreted. I'm asking because of some minor reasons and a major one: NotebookWrite a Cell with WholeCellGroupOpener option I don't know any official confirmation so let ...
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Keyboard Shortcuts in paclets?

I’m trying to add simple keyboard shortcuts (together with menu item) to my paclet through FrontEndExecute which works fine in notebook, but as soon as I put it into my paclet and import it the menu ...
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