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How to assign (and retrieve) variables with subscripts? [duplicate]

I like to give subscripts to my variable names when the variables are related. I.e., Subscript[r, i] = 3 3 A problem arises when I later assign ...
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Is there a way to use a subscript as variable? [duplicate]

I'm really new with Mathematica, and I could not find a previously question similar to this one. Is there a way that Mathematica can be made to recognize and treat a subscript letter as variable so ...
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Why is my answer being displayed with "Subscript^(0,1)[a,b]"? [duplicate]

I type in my equations using ctrl+- to make it look nice and my answer outputs in "Subscript^(0,1)[a,b]" form? What is going on? In the answer some bits are displayed with the actual subscripts and ...
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How to prevent function from substituting the part of the parameter name if it has a subscript? [duplicate]

I have the following problem, when defining and using a function, that's supposed to have an outside parameter xmin: A[x_] := Exp[-x/Subscript[x, min]] A[5] E^(...
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Syntax question for declaring variables [duplicate]

I have a very basic syntax question for declaring $X_{hb}$ a variable. f[Subscript[X, hb_]] := Subscript[X, hb] In mathematica instead of writing the ...
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What are the most common pitfalls awaiting new users?

As you may already know, Mathematica is a wonderful piece of software. However, it has a few characteristics that tend to confuse new (and sometimes not-so-new) users. That can be clearly seen from ...
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Clear complains that a subscripted variable is not a symbol or a string?

Here's a small listing where I've used EscqEsc to typeset θ in the notebook: ...
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Why can't I define vector v as having subscripted elements v_1, v_2, v_3...?

I'm a very beginner in Mathematica 8 programming. While trying to play a little with tensor analysis I encountered a problem. How to define for example vector in such manner: v={$v_1,v_2,v_3$} For ...
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bar and hat only apply to certain letters

(I'm navigated from where I asked almost the same question) I'm a beginner in Mathematica. Like shown in the image below, I'm trying to put hat ...
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How to create symbol whose name has subscript?

I can do Symbol["foobar"] to create a symbol foobar. How to create a symbol $\theta_1$? ...
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Save variables values and definition

I used to do a lot of programming in R and recently switched to Mathematica. One thing that bothers me is that I haven't found a way to save variables, their values and definition! Let's look at an ...
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How to define a vector with automatically added symbolic elements with subscripts

I want to define a vector lets say k containing elements Symbolize[Subscript[k, 1]], k2, k3 ... etc. When I define lets say k4 . I want the symbol automatically added to vector k. Something like ...
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Using Greek letters with subscripts as symbols

I'd like to use Subscript[ϕ, 1] as a function name: Subscript[ϕ, 1][x_] = C1 + C2*x + C3*Exp[α*x] + C4*Exp[-α*x] But as I use ...
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3D plot of multiple functions

I am just starting to learn Mathematica. I defined two functions Subscript[x, 1][t_, α_] :=1/2 (3 - 2 E^-t + E^t (2 + t) (-1 + α) - α) And ...
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Best way to write an equation with subscripts and superscripts

This post is not about a specific Mathematica problem but about to develop the best way to enter mathematical equations with subscripts and superscripts. I have a ...
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