Dispatch and SparseArray have nice output forms that summarise their contents:

Example of Dispatch output

The contents even manage to be retained fully on copy/paste. How can I make this happen for my own symbols?

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If you want to make a nice neat way of displaying a thing with Head head, the following will work (thanks to Sjoerd):

head /: Format[b : head[a_Association]] := 
   Graphics3D[Cone[], ImageSize -> 20],
   {BoxForm`MakeSummaryItem[{"Summary 1: ", a["sum1"]}, StandardForm], 
    BoxForm`MakeSummaryItem[{"Summary 2: ", a["sum2"]}, StandardForm]}, 
   {BoxForm`MakeSummaryItem[{"Expanded thing 1: ", a["sumhidden1"]}, StandardForm], 
    BoxForm`MakeSummaryItem[{"Expanded thing 2: ", a["sumhidden2"]}, StandardForm], 
    BoxForm`MakeSummaryItem[{"Expanded thing 3: ", a["sumhidden3"]}, StandardForm]},

If you give a definition as

 <| "sum1" -> 10, "sum2" -> "Hi!",
    "sumhidden1" -> 1, "sumhidden2" -> 2, "sumhidden3" -> Pi

then the output (shown twice, once non-expanded in the Out cell and once expanded in the next In cell) is:

Nice output for head object

Moreover, this object has the same FullForm as the original: you can copy and paste it, and it'll still work fine. In particular, though it appears to have Head NiceHeadName, it actually still has Head head, just as required.


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