I am trying to render a bone structure in color in Mathematica 10.3, but none of the obvious methods seem to work:

  • Graphics3D[{Blue, Entity["AnatomicalStructure", "LeftFoot"]["Graphics3D"][[1]]}]

  • Graphics3D[{Blue, (Entity["AnatomicalStructure", "LeftFoot"][ "Graphics3D"])[[1]]}]

  • Graphics3D[{Lighting -> {{"Point", Blue, {0, 3, 5}}}, (Entity["AnatomicalStructure", "LeftFoot"][ "Graphics3D"])[[1]]}]

...and numerous Directives and such.

How do I color such a 3D model?

enter image description here


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If you peer at the InputForm[] of the result, you'll quickly find that the coloring scheme used for bones is something like this:

Graphics3D[{Lighting -> {{"Ambient", GrayLevel[0.35]},
                         {"Directional", GrayLevel[0.2], ImageScaled[{2, 0, 2}]},
                         {"Directional", GrayLevel[0.2], ImageScaled[{2, 2, 2}]},
                         {"Directional", GrayLevel[0.2], ImageScaled[{0, 2, 2}]}},
            Specularity[GrayLevel[0.5], 1.5], RGBColor[0.88, 0.847, 0.748],

"bone"-colored sphere

which is why the bones are not affected by your coloring attempts; these directives come directly before the primitives they're coloring.

On the other hand, the bones themselves are GraphicsComplex[] objects, so one can just extract them before coloring:

leftFootBones = Entity["AnatomicalStructure", "LeftFoot"]["Graphics3D"];

Graphics3D[{ColorData["Legacy", "Turquoise"], EdgeForm[], 
            Cases[leftFootBones, _GraphicsComplex, ∞]}, Lighting -> "Neutral"]

that was a weird color choice, admittedly.


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