How to prevent a behavior on a picture below? Why vertices overlap with vertex labels?

 n = 20;
 RandomGraph[{n, 5 n}],
 VertexLabels -> Thread[Range[n] -> Hash /@ Range[n]],
 VertexSize -> 0.5,
 GraphLayout -> "SpringElectricalEmbedding",
 ImageSize -> 700

minimal example

I drawing graphs of friends and it's connections from vk social network and often vertices overlap vertex labels. Very hard to read something on the right side of image:

ego-net example

Any ideas? It look like VertexRenderingFunction can not help in it case.

(* {10.3, "Linux x86 (64-bit)"} *)
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A simple workaround for this problem is to render the vertex labels separately.

n = 20;
g = Graph[
   RandomGraph[{n, 5 n}, GraphLayout -> "SpringElectricalEmbedding"],
   VertexSize -> 0.5, ImageSize -> 700];

 MapThread[Graphics@Text[#1, #2 + {0.4, 0.1}] &, 
   {Hash /@ Range[n], GraphEmbedding[g, "SpringElectricalEmbedding"]}]

enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ sorry for late response, it works well! Thank you! $\endgroup$ – mynameis Nov 24 '15 at 8:19

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