I have two lists l1={a,b,c} and l2={{a1},{b1,b2},{c1,c2,c3}}. What kind of operations can I use to get a list like l={{a,a1},{b,b1},{b,b2},{c,c1},{c,c2},{c,c3}}?

I tried to use Thread to get around, but I failed. Any suggestions?

Update: I also have a function f, in the end I want to arrive at something like f@@@l={f[a, a1], f[b, b1], f[b, b2], f[c, c1], f[c, c2], f[c, c3]}. I can do that with Table as follows:

Flatten@Table[f[l1[[i]], #] & /@ l2[[i]], {i, Length@l1}]

But I wonder whether there are other ways.

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For the first request:

Flatten[Thread /@ Thread[{l1, l2}], 1]

For the second request, you just need Listable:

SetAttributes[f, Listable]
Flatten@f[l1, l2]

OK, actually the first request can also be satisfied by setting Listable attribute:

g = Function[{a, b}, {a, b}, Listable]
Flatten[g[l1, l2], 1]

Here are some ways you could use Thread to achieve your goal:

l1 = {a, b, c} ;
l2 = {{a1}, {b1, b2}, {c1, c2, c3}};
Join @@ (Thread[{#1, #2}] & @@@ Thread[{l1, l2}])
Join @@ MapThread[Thread[{#1, #2}] &, {l1, l2}]
Inner[Sequence @@ Thread[{#1, #2}] &, l1, l2, List]

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