there is some 20 Time 20 tables, in each step we choose one element randomly. how can show this random selected element with different color?

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We define a function f with the style of for the TextCell

Do[f[i, j] = Black, {i, 10}, {j, 10}]

We display the table as a Dynamicentity

  Table[TextCell[Subsuperscript[X, i, j], f[i, j]], {i, 10}, {j, 10}]]

Mathematica graphics

Now every time you do a random selection, you can change the style of that specific cell, which will be updated in a Dynamic way. As an example, every second a random item with a random colour.

 f[RandomInteger[10], RandomInteger[10]] = 
  Sequence @@ {Bold, RandomChoice[{Red, Blue, Green}],   Background -> Yellow}
 , 100]

enter image description here

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For better presentation I've decreased size of matrices to 4.

n = 4;
MatrixForm[m = Array[Subscript[a, ##] &, {n, n}]]

enter image description here

With[{ij = {RandomInteger[{1, n}], RandomInteger[{1, n}]}},
  ReplacePart[m, ij -> Style[m[[Sequence @@ ij]], Red]]
  ] // MatrixForm

enter image description here


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