I have a function that should give a multiplication table for an integer input:

TableForm[Outer[Times, Range[#], Range[#]], TableHeadings -> Automatic]&

But, this doesn't display an x in the top-left header cell, like I want. Is there an easy way to put text in that empty label spot? I want the result to look like this (taken from here):



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You need Grid

n = 10;
r = Range @ n;

 Join[{Join[{"x"}, r]}, Flatten /@ Transpose[{r, Outer[Times, r, r]}]],
 Alignment -> Right,
 Background -> {{1 -> LightGray}, {1 -> LightGray}, {1, 1} -> None},
 Dividers -> {{2 -> True}, {2 -> True}},
 ItemStyle -> Directive[FontSize -> 16],
 Frame -> True,
 Spacings -> {1.5, 1.5}]

enter image description here

Or, to show all dividers, Dividers -> All


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