So i imported a file from excel and viewed it as a grid. but now i need to add groups of 5 elements from the y axis and plot them against every fifth entry from the x axis. Thanks

Edit: Sorry about less datails. (its my first day using mathematica, i have very superficial knowledge only)

So I imported an excel file as

k = Import["\\\\myfiles.campus\\~\\y.xlsx", {"Data", 1, All, {7, 2}}]

then selected the data i needed as

r = k[[67 ;; 1499, All]]

until now i can plot this using listplot.

now that i have the graph, my data looks like:

{{6.91647*10^-7, 61.}, {7.02127*10^-7, 56.}, {7.12606*10^-7, 50.}, 
 {7.23085*10^-7, 48.}, {7.33565*10^-7, 44.}, {7.44045*10^-7, 37.}, 
 {7.54524*10^-7, 34.}}

way more than this.

so now i plot this as

g = ListPlot[k, Joined -> True, PlotRange -> {{.000000691647, .0000156983}, {0, 61}}]

but now i try to fit the function

Fit = NonlinearModelFit[g , aExp[bt] + c, {a, b, c}, t] 

which doesnt go through as i have 0's as my y axis.

So i thought i should bin the data and add them into groups of 5 which should resolve the problem, but cannot do that. Thanks


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I'm not sure you've given enough information but here's my take:

in = Sort@RandomReal[1, {20, 2}];  (* input *)

original = ListPlot[in, PlotStyle -> ColorData[97, 2]]

Mathematica graphics

grouped = ListPlot@Flatten[
   Thread /@ 
    Transpose@{in[[5 ;; ;; 5, 1]], Partition[in[[All, 2]], 5]},

Mathematica graphics


Show[original, grouped]

Mathematica graphics

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The data you have given is clearly insufficient to provide a concrete answer, but here is my attempt:

data = {{6.91647*10^-7, 61.}, {7.02127*10^-7, 56.}, {7.12606*10^-7, 
   50.}, {7.23085*10^-7, 48.}, {7.33565*10^-7, 44.}, {7.44045*10^-7, 
   37.}, {7.54524*10^-7, 34.}}

g = ListPlot[data, Joined -> True]

fit = NonlinearModelFit[data, a Exp[b t] + c, {a, b, c}, t]

fun = Normal[fit]

Show[g, Plot[fun, {t, 6*10^-7, 8*10^-7}]]

This fit seems reasonable since I only have 7 data points. Not sure what you mean by "as i have 0's as my y axis." Also you are feeding the plot (g) into the fitting function. Feed the data instead!


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