I have a template notebook that takes in some parameters to get raw data and then process it. In this processing a few subsets of data are calculated. However, I don't know how many subsets will be there when the template notebook parameters are selected. From the processing in the template notebook I end up with a structure similar to the following:

results = {
 <|"a" -> "cage",  "b" -> "some stuff for cage"|>, 
 <|"a" -> "clamp", "b" -> "some stuff for clamp"|>, 
 <|"a" -> "net",   "b" -> "some stuff for net"|>}

Now what I would like to do is define a Repeating Block in the template notebook that loops over the variable results for a final bit of processing and display. Keep in mind that results only exists in the template notebook; it is not a variable passed in through GenerateDocument.

I have tried typing the variable name results in each of the Repeating Block options and each time GenerateDocument is called it fails to recognise results and does not loop over it.

I need this is a Repeating Block. I know I can map a function over results but I have other display elements and notebook formatting in multiple cells of the Repeating Block group.

Which option in the Repeating Block setup should I be using and what should I be typing in there to have it loop over results?

  • $\begingroup$ WRI has said that this functionality is not currently available but they are considering it. $\endgroup$ – Edmund Dec 31 '15 at 14:09

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