I am simply trying to convert an existing sample in Mathematica to $\LaTeX$. For example, if I open a new Mathematica notebook using styled templates such as Journal article and save it as $\TeX$. Compiling the $\TeX$ to PDF neglecting some minor errors, I can find a very ugly document.

One reason I realized that almost all block expressions are not properly (or fully) converted. For instance, \item is used without \begin{itemize} and \end{itemize}. A table Similarly, for multiline equations, figures and references.

An interesting thing is that it seems these block expressions are implemented in the stylesheet, JournalArticle.nb, as the definitions of StyleData like Item1, EquationGroup and so on. (Unfortunately, I could not find any documentation about how to use them or about "ExtraCellGroupingRules" options and etc. used in the definition.)

I am wondering whether the $\LaTeX$ converting function in Mathematica is not polished as it is now, or I am doing something wrong here.

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