I have one data file, one executable file and one *.txt with the results from running the executable, all within the same folder.

The folder has the path

C : \ Users \ Dimitris \ Desktop \C32EXE

From a Mathematica notebook, I want to be able to open the data file which is called composites.dat.

Once making any modifications to the data file and save it, I want the same mathematica notebook to be able to run the executable file which is called composites.exe.

The executable file produces a *.txt file with the name L.txt. I want the notebook to call this file.

Currently, I can do only the third step by executing

Import["C : \\ Users \\ Dimitris \\ Desktop \\C32EXE\\L.txt","Table"];

but for the others I need manual manipulations.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Run["start notepad C:\\Users\\Dimitris\\Desktop\\C32EXE\\composites.dat"];

Finish editing. Then:


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