I have an EEG signal of length N on a given channel (FP1).

I would like to compute the power spectral density of the signal. More specifically, once the PSD is computed, I would like to sum the values of the PSD in a given band, say alpha band (e.g. 8Hz-13Hz).

So I know that the PSD is given by:

$$PSD=\frac{F_t F^*_t}{N}$$

where * denotes the conjugate and $F_t$ is the Fourier transform...

And then energy at a given band is given by:

$$\sum_{freq=8}^{13} PSD_freq$$

I am however not sure how to implement these equations in Mathematica.


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    $\begingroup$ The discrete Fourier transform is given by Fourier. You might also look at Periodogram and PowerSpectralDensity. You'll probably need to supply some example data (or a code snippet to generate fake data) to get a detailed answer. $\endgroup$ – Simon Woods Sep 12 '15 at 20:52

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