I want to have field hints in a 3 x 2 grid input fields, such that there is one hint specific to the input fields in the 1st column and another one for the 2nd column.

I also want to adjust the field size of the two columns.


1.Should the value of InputField be a string if FieldHint is used. (As shown in Figure 1)

InputField["", String, FieldHint -> "Enter Text here"]
InputField["", Number, FieldHint -> "Enter Number here"]

2.Is this a better way to manage a grid properties (As shown in figure 2)

InputField["", String, FieldHint -> "Enter Force", 
FieldSize -> {w, h}], {h, {1, 1, 1, 1}}, {w, {5, 3}}]] 

3.Does assigning a grid to a variable and manipulating the variable make sense. If not what are the other ways to implement this logic.(As shown in figure 3)

enter image description here

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dims = {3, 2};
a = ConstantArray[Null, dims];
fieldH = Array ["Hint " <> ToString@# &, dims[[2]]];
fieldS = Array [ 10 # &, dims[[2]]];
                   FieldSize -> fieldS[[#2]],  
                   FieldHint -> fieldH[[#2]]] &, 

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