I have to calculate the following table

  ThreeJSymbol[{j1, 0}, {j2, 0}, {j3, 0}],
  {j1, 1, j1max}, {j2, 1, j2max}, {j3, 1, j3max}

in such a way that $|j_1-j_2| \le j_3 \le j_1+j_2$.

How can I write this command?

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    $\begingroup$ Table[If[ Abs[j1 - j2] <= j3 <= j1 + j2, {{j1, j2, j3}, ThreeJSymbol[{j1, 0}, {j2, 0}, {j3, 0}]}, ## &[]], {j1, 1, j1max}, {j2, 1, j2max}, {j3, 1, j3max}] - added values where condition holds so you can see what's happening... $\endgroup$
    – ciao
    Commented Sep 8, 2015 at 23:08

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If I understand your question correctly, you want to have the range of j3 dependent on j1 and j2. That can be easily written directly in the Table command:

Table[ThreeJSymbol[{j1, 0}, {j2, 0}, {j3, 0}], {j1, 1, j1max}, {j2, 1, j2max}, {j3, Abs[j1 - j2], j1 + j2}]

the value for j3max is therefore no longer needed.


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