I'm trying to have Mathematica automatically give me an equation which I can use in a different programming language. FortranForm produces output which is very similar to what the other language is expecting, except for the Power[] operator.

Basically, my problem is this - I would like to see the following output from Mathematica:

In= FortranForm[a^b]
Out= a^b

Rather than what it currently does, which is:

In= FortranForm[a^b]
Out= a**b

I think I can redefine the formatting of Power to do what I want with:

Format[Power[args__], FortranForm]:= <something here i can't figure out>

Does anyone know how to modify the formatting of Power when using FortranForm?


Don't monkey with adding definitions to Power. Try something like

StringReplace[ToString[1+ 3 c+ a^b, FortranForm], "**" -> "^"]
"1 + a^b + 3*c"
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You can accomplish what you want by making use of SequenceForm (to put elements in sequence) and OutputForm (to hide quotation marks):

powerPrec = Precedence[Power];

    xx=If[Precedence[Head[x]]<powerPrec, pform[x], x],
    yy=If[Precedence[Head[y]]<powerPrec, pform[y], y]

    SequenceForm[xx, Format["^",OutputForm],yy]

Format[pform[x_], FortranForm] := SequenceForm[Format["(", OutputForm], x, Format[")", OutputForm]]

Some examples:

a^b //FortranForm


(1+x)^2 //FortranForm

(1 + x)^2

(a+1/4)^(2 d) //FortranForm

(0.25 + a)^(2*d)

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