I have a matrix element $k_x$ and I want to substitute it as $-i\kappa$, I tried

  Subscript[H, s], 
  {B == 0, Subscript[k, x] == -I κ, Subscript[k, y] == κ}] // MatrixForm

However, the result shows $k_x$ in some elements in the matrix and $-i\kappa$ some place. How do I substitute all of them? I did a quick test but found the result just gives $k_x$.

  Subscript[k, x], 
  {B == 0, Subscript[k, x] == -I κ, Subscript[k, y] == κ}] // MatrixForm

I have played with ReplaceAll at the very beginning, but I actually want to do something in this way, is there any flexible way I can do a replacement?

Subscript[H, 01] = 
      {Simplify[Subscript[H, S], {Subscript[k, x] == 0, Subscript[k, y] == 0}], 
         Subscript[H, S], 
         {B == 0, Subscript[k, x] == -I κ, Subscript[k, y] == κ}]},
         ConjugateTranspose[Subscript[H, S]], 
         {B == 0, Subscript[k, x] == I κ, Subscript[k, y] == κ}],
         Subscript[H, S], 
         {Subscript[k, x] == 0, Subscript[k, y] == 0}] + ℏ ω IdentityMatrix[4]}
    {α, β, γ, κ, ζ, Subscript[k, x], Subscript[k, y]} ∈ Reals];

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    $\begingroup$ Look up ReplaceAll. Also read this answer, mathematica.stackexchange.com/questions/18393/…, and pay attention to what it says about subscripts and MatrixForm, in case that is an issue. If you include an example for Subscript[H, s], folks will better be able to say what the precise issue is. $\endgroup$ – Michael E2 Aug 17 '15 at 3:03
  • $\begingroup$ Good, thanks. I find out ReplaceAll [Subscript[H, s],k_x->-i [kappa]] work better than Simplify $\endgroup$ – Dhwister Aug 17 '15 at 8:48

Try this:

rule = Subscript[k, x] -> I*κ

Then any expression you may treat as follows: expression/.rule. For example:

expression = Subscript[k, x]^2 + Subscript[k, x]
expression /. rule


(*   Subscript[k, x] + \!\(\*SubsuperscriptBox[\(k\), \(x\), \(2\)]\)  *)

(*  I κ - κ^2 *)

Have fun!


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